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Personalized study with essay feedback.
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Studyable is an AI-powered learning platform that offers a comprehensive suite of study tools for students and educators to enhance their learning experience.

The platform has a vast collection of study guides, flashcards, and essay feedback functions powered by an advanced AI algorithm. With Studyable, users can generate flashcards quickly, test their knowledge with multiple-choice questions, and create entire study sets in seconds.

The platform also provides personalized feedback on essays, which includes a grade and suggestions to improve writing quality. One of the unique features of Studyable is the chat function, which offers personalized learning for students to learn and understand topics and concepts.

The chat tutors use the spaced retention frameworks through multiple-choice and written questions to ensure that users learn and revise every term effectively.

The platform also facilitates conversations between users and tutors to ask questions, clarify concepts, and learn from their mistakes. Studyable also includes tools to help users understand complex concepts, including a summarization function that offers digestible summaries of textbook content.

Additionally, the Explain function provides answers to any question users may have, breaking it down into simple language and explanations. Overall, Studyable is a user-friendly platform that offers an extensive collection of AI-driven learning tools that students and educators can use to improve their understanding of various subjects in an interactive and personalized way.


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Pros and Cons


Personalized essay feedback
Chat function for learning
Spaced retention frameworks
User-tutor interactions
Summarization of textbook content
Simplified language explanations
Creation of entire study sets
Quick flashcard generation
Multiple-choice questions
Complex concepts breakdown
Instant grade on essays
Subject diversity
Digestible content summaries
Simple framework structure
User-friendly interface
Millions of study guides
Actionable writing suggestions
Teacher-style feedback
Explain function for queries
Improve writing quality


No offline accessibility
Limited subjects coverage
No collaborative learning features
Potentially lacks detailed feedback
No support for non-English languages
Closed API
No integration with LMS
No capacity for live tutoring
No evidence of data encryption


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