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Improve goal-setting and enhance revision efficiency.
Generated by ChatGPT

Study Plannr is an AI-powered tool that generates personalized study plans to optimize revision for learners. By considering subjects, topics, and assessment dates, Study Plannr creates smart study plans using ChatGPT.

Users can create a study plan to improve their revision efficiency by following a customized and smart study plan generated by AI. It helps learners self-regulate their studying by providing clarity and goal-setting support.

Additionally, users have the option to download the study plan as a PDF for easier reference or to print it out.Study Plannr caters to various user groups.

Parents with school children can create study plans for their children and teach them the importance of planning and goal setting. Educators can use Study Plannr to cultivate positive behavior and assist students with goal setting.

K12 students can benefit from creating customized study plans to enhance learning efficiency. Learners studying for certifications can also utilize Study Plannr to create study plans specific to their certification preparation.Although Study Plannr is currently designed for primary school learners, any learner can use it, with a current limit of four subjects, ten topics, and a revision time of one month.

Users can regenerate a new plan if they are not satisfied with the generated one. Study plans are not saved on the platform, so users are advised to download them as PDFs.

Study Plannr is currently in a free beta phase, focused on user satisfaction and experience. While the plans may vary slightly due to the creative scheduling of ChatGPT, they still function effectively as study plans.

Upon downloading, the study plan is saved in the user's default downloads folder.


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Pros and Cons


Personalized study plans
Optimizes revision efficiency
Generates with ChatGPT
Supports goal-setting
Downloadable PDF format
Suitable for various users
Helpful for parents
Tool for educators
Enhances K12 learning
Designed for certification preparation
Generates new plan if unsatisfied
Not saving study plans
Free in beta phase
Varied plans for creativity
Downloaded in default folder


Limited to four subjects
Ten topics max
One month max revision time
Cannot save plans on platform
Inconsistent plan generation
Lack of privacy disclosures
Free beta phase instability
PDF-only export format
No multi-device synchronisation
Plans not editable


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