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Creating professional product photos in seconds.
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Stylized is a virtual product staging tool that allows users to quickly and easily create professional-looking product photos. The tool utilizes advanced object detection to remove distracting background elements, as well as 3D modeling technology to accurately simulate realistic lighting and shadows.

The integrated platform allows users to manage their product images within their e-commerce catalog with ease, and the editor lets users change material and color surfaces in seconds.

Stylized makes it easy to create consistent branding across multiple platforms, and it can be used to turn even the most hasty phone photos into high-quality product images.

With Stylized, users can get stunning product photos in as little as 30 seconds.


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Stylized was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 8th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Rapid professional product photos
Advanced object detection
Removes background distractions
3D modeling for lighting
Integrated e-commerce catalog management
Quick material and color changes
Promotes consistent branding
Transforms phone photos
Realistic lighting and shadows generation
Integrated platform for photo management
Editor for surfaces' color
Fast creation process
Professional photo quality
Compatible with multiple platforms
Easily stages products
Removes unappealing artefacts
Professional lighting simulation
Lets you change surfaces
Works well with hasty photos
Enhanced catalog branding
Real-time background removal
Product photos in seconds
High-quality product images
Supports various e-commerce platforms
Improves e-commerce catalog visuals
Realistic virtual staging settings
Efficient and convenient product staging
Supports fast, repeated photo updates


No video editing capabilities
Requires good quality photos
Limited surface options
Not compatible with all e-commerce platforms
No batch processing
No offline functionality
May not support all image formats
Depends on industry-standard 3D modeling tech
Doesn't offer HD resolution


What is Stylized?
How does Stylized work?
Can Stylized work with any product images?
What eCommerce platforms does Stylized integrate with?
How long does it take for Stylized to generate a product photo?
Can Stylized edit both images and videos?
What are key features of Stylized for product photo generation?
How does Stylized use advanced object detection technology?
How realistic are the lighting and shadows simulated by Stylized?
Can I change material and color surfaces using Stylized?
Does Stylized offer a free trial?
Which businesses would benefit from using Stylized?
Can Stylized help me manage my product images within my e-commerce catalog?
Can Stylized remove distracting background elements from product images?
Does Stylized work with mobile phone photos?
How does the editor on Stylized work?
Can Stylized contribute to improve my e-commerce branding?
What's the performance of Stylized in creating flat lay photos?
How can I use Stylized to get consistent product images for my catalog?
Can Stylized improve blurry dropshipping assets?

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