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A storytelling framework and writing assistant.
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Subtxt is an AI-powered storytelling tool designed to help writers craft complete stories with greater precision and clarity. It provides users with a narrative framework to help identify and enhance a story, as well as an AI writing assistant to offer guidance and feedback.

Subtxt also features a unique structure that is designed to capture the audience's attention, and a library of examples to draw creative inspiration from.

Subtxt also uses the four Throughlines to provide a solid foundation and encourages users to explore new avenues of creativity to bring their stories to life.

Subtxt has been developed by an experienced writer and storyteller in the film and television industry, and has been praised by notable people in the industry for its ability to uncover the deeper meaning of stories.


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Subtxt was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 28th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Unique narrative framework
Guidance and feedback provision
Library of creative examples
Incorporates four Throughlines
Developed by experienced storyteller
Boosts writing precision
Endorses clear storytelling
Maximizes writing abilities
Decades of industry experience
Advanced narrative understanding
Contextual writing prompts
Extensive example library
Assures complete narrative
Structure insight from testimonials
Offers different plan options
Provides yearly consultations
Fast and instant assistance
Unlocks storytelling potential
32,000+ Unique Story Structures
Affiliated community and guide links
Access to professional wisdom
Endorses holistic storytelling
Tested and praised by industry professionals
Always ready
Massively intelligent
Predictive narrative framework
550+ Unique Story Structures
Fine-Tuned Story Models
Immediate story consultation
Helps to tell meaningful stories
Contextual writing prompts


Expensive monthly plans
Limited Story Structures for Basic
No Free trial available
No offline support
Potentially steep learning curve
Lacks real-time collaboration
Hard to access example library
No Android or iOS app
Rigid narrative structures


What is Subtxt?
How does Subtxt assist in story writing?
How is the narrative framework in Subtxt unique?
Can Subtxt provide feedback on my writing?
What are the four Throughlines used in Subtxt?
Who developed Subtxt?
Is Subtxt recommended by professionals in the film and television industry?
How does Subtxt’s AI technology assist in story writing?
What kind of writing does Subtxt help with?
Does Subtxt offer narrative structures?
What kind of narrative structures can I find on Subtxt?
What is the Subtxt example library?
Does Subtxt offer writing prompts?
How is Subtxt different from other AI text-generation apps?
What kind of stories can Subtxt help write?
What are the different pricing options for using Subtxt?
What resources are available on Subtxt to improve my writing skills?
What are the testimonials about Subtxt from notable people in the film and television industry?
Does Subtxt have a yearly subscription option?
What is Subtxt's 'Predictive narrative framework'?

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