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Your AI Copilot for the web, summarizing any article easily.
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Summary Box is a browser extension tool that uses artificial intelligence to provide a variety of useful features meant to enhance user productivity on the web.

The core functionality of this tool is summarizing online articles into shorter content with just a click, assisting users in quickly grasping key points and thus saving time.

Beyond this, Summary Box equips users with a generative AI that can draft content, answer questions, and offer intelligent assistance in numerous web interactions.

It has the ability to learn user's preferences, writing style, and interests, thereby personalizing its service for a more relevant and intuitive user experience.

Summary Box also incorporates an AI-powered writer to aid in creating compelling and error-free content. For interactive learning, users can upload documents to the tool's dashboard and engage in AI-driven discussions.

Furthermore, Summary Box can be used on various websites, allowing users to ask questions directly. The tool is integrated with popular platforms and file types, hence making it possible to summarize content anywhere on the web.

Summary Box was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 30th 2023.
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Jul 14, 2023
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Just so limited and kind of useless

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Pros and Cons


Abstractive summaries
Summarizes Youtube videos
Summarizes PDFs
Summarizes Google Docs
Time-saved tracker
Summary length slider
Bookmarking feature
Test questions feature
Free Chrome extension
Interactive learning ability
Multiplatform integration
Personalized user experience
Generates error-free content
Accessible on any site
Answers directly on webpages
Compatible with different file types
Creates shorter summaries
Evolves with user
Web article transformation
Quick comprehension
Writing style adaptation
Integrated with Google Search
Gmail writing assistant
Paraphraser feature
Max 40-page PDF summarizing
Up-to 30k words writing
Document upload for chat
Understands user preferences
Web interaction transformation
Unlimited requests with premium
Webpage chat feature
Saves time
Integrated with popular platforms
Easily summarizable content


Only available as Chrome extension
No mobile app support
Does not support real-time collaboration
Requires premium for full features
5-days free version limited
Maximum PDF summarization limit
Limited document upload feature
No offline features


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