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Summarize any large PDF with AI.
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Summary with AI is an artificial intelligence tool designed to create summaries of PDF files. Its primary functionality includes handling large PDF files, up to 200 MB in size.

One of the key features of this tool is its capability to produce high-quality summaries that retain crucial facts from the original document. This service caters to different types of documents including but not limited to annual reports, industry reports, legal documents, and case studies.

The summaries can be easily downloaded as PDF, allowing users to consume information-dense sources in significantly less time. The platform operates on a credit-based system, where each credit permits the summarization of one page.

Users can purchase as many credits as required without recurring payments. The tool comes with a starting pack of 20 free credits for new users. Created by Telborg, an established company recognized for fast and credible climate research, Summary with AI aims to facilitate rapid and concise understanding of comprehensive documentation.


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Feb 10, 2024
Hey, there! I'm Soumya, the maker of SummaryWithAI was created to generate comprehensive summaries for long PDFs. I use it for research papers: climate reports: corporate annual reports: and to get an overview of just about any document I'm reading. It can handle uploads of upto 200 MB. I've tried it on documents of 200 pages. You can summarize 40 pages for free when you sign up. You can reach me at [email protected]

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SummaryWithAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 17th 2024.

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Pros and Cons


Handles large PDF files
High-quality summaries
Retains crucial facts
Caters different document types
Summaries downloadable as PDF
Time efficient
Credit-based system
No recurring payments
Starting pack of 20 free credits
Created by recognized company
Supports various content abstraction
Flexible with purchases
Processes legal documents
Processes case studies
Information management
Knowledge management
Document processing
Text summarization
PDF summarization
Data reduction
Good for business intelligence


Only supports PDF input
Summaries only available in PDF
Does not offer monthly subscription
Limited to 200 MB file size
No API mentioned
May lose important context
Credits required per page summarized
Not suitable for very long documents
Cannot handle non-textual information
Limited to English language


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What is the credit-based system of Summary with AI?
How much does a credit cost in Summary with AI?
Are there any recurring payments in Summary with AI?
How many free credits does a new user get with Summary with AI?
What is Telborg?
What is the consistency of Summary with AI in summarizing documents?
Can Summary with AI summarize legal documents?
Can Summary with AI help in data reduction and content abstraction?
How does Summary with AI aid in knowledge management and business intelligence?
What is the maximum amount of credits I can purchase in Summary with AI?
How to get started with Summary with AI?
How can Summary with AI make information consumption faster?
What distinguishes Summary with AI from other AI tools?
How is Summary with AI used in summarizing industry reports and case studies?

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