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Summarize any text on the internet in one click
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SummerEyes is an AI-powered tool designed to provide summaries of any online text. It is primarily aimed at enhancing productivity by speeding up the reading process.

Leveraging advanced Natural Language Processing technologies, this tool goes beyond simple keyword extraction, offering higher comprehension of the text to deliver a meaningful summary.

SummerEyes assists users in browsing internet content more efficiently by eliminating unnecessary filler words and focusing on pivotal information. Aimed at helping users process substantial amounts of information quickly, SummerEyes can be beneficial for summarizing various types of text, from articles and newsletters to company-wide emails.

The tool is conveniently integrated into the browser, eliminating the need to switch apps or engage in a time-consuming copy-paste process. It is implemented as a Chrome extension, making it easily installable and usable on any device that supports Chrome's extension ecosystem.

Once installed, AI-powered summaries become instantly available at a click of a button. This makes SummerEyes a remarkably convenient and powerful tool for anyone who needs to consume large amounts of text-based information online in a short period.

SummerEyes was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 7th 2022.
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Sep 21, 2023
doesnt even work

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Pros and Cons


Summarizes any internet text
Enhances reading speed
Advanced Natural Language Processing
Eliminates filler words
Browser integration
No app switching required
Available as Chrome extension
Aids in efficient browsing
Useful for various text types
Convenient installation process
One-click summary feature
Works on all Chrome-supported devices
Promotes productivity
Coming soon on other browsers
Free subscription access
Direct access to founding team
Special discounts on new releases
Helps in processing large information quickly
Saves average 30 mins/day
70% faster average reading speed
Instant summarization
Automated information processing
Reduces reading time significantly
No copy-pasting needed
Easy to understand and use
Direct integration in browser
Cuts through non-essential words
High comprehension of text
Supports time management
Tool available when needed
Hidden when not in use
Meaningful summaries
Shows estimated time saved
Helps in eliminating reading fluff
Cuts 15-minute articles to 30-second highlights
Access to early adopter benefits
Contact with founding team
English language optimization
Works with company-wide emails
Handles large data volumes
No additional downloads required
Lightweight browser extension
Ongoing tool refinement
Upcoming features and improvements


Only available as browser extension
Limited browser support
Limited to textual content
No native mobile application
No offline functionality
Can't summarize non-web content
Requires continuous internet connectivity
Limited to English language
No API for integration
No multi-language support


What is SummerEyes?
How does SummerEyes work?
Which AI models and parameters does SummerEyes use?
How can SummerEyes enhance my productivity?
What is the readability and quality of summaries generated by SummerEyes?
Is SummerEyes currently available for all browsers?
If I use Safari or Firefox, how soon can I expect SummerEyes to be available?
Does SummerEyes summarize only English content?
How does SummerEyes handle complex texts with technical jargon?
What types of text can SummerEyes effectively summarize?
Can I customize the length of summaries in SummerEyes?
How do I install the SummerEyes extension on Chrome?
Is there a mobile version of SummerEyes?
How reliable is SummerEyes in terms of privacy and data security?
What are the benefits of signing up for the free subscription of SummerEyes?
How can I access special discounts for upcoming releases of SummerEyes?
Does SummerEyes offer any team or enterprise plans?
Where can I seek support if I face any issues with SummerEyes?
Can I use SummerEyes offline?
How much time can I expect to save on an average by using SummerEyes?

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