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YouTube comment summaries
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SummifyYT is a browser extension designed to summarize comments on YouTube videos. It offers a convenient way for users to quickly grasp the overall sentiment and key points expressed in the comments section without having to read through each individual comment.

This extension is particularly useful for users who want to get an overview of the discussions and opinions surrounding a video without spending excessive time scrolling through the comments.

With SummifyYT, users can save time and effort by accessing a summary of YouTube video comments in a concise and efficient manner.The developer regularly updates the extension to fix bugs and enhance functionality.

Recent updates include the addition of settings to enable GPT-4, disable auto-start, and choose a summary language. The user interface has also been improved to align with the style of the YouTube web page.

It is important to note that the extension requires users to be logged in to ChatGPT for full functionality.Furthermore, SummifyYT has been positively reviewed by users who appreciate its ability to provide a quick overview of the community's opinion on a video.

The extension does not collect user data and the developer ensures that user data is not sold to third parties or used for unrelated purposes.In conclusion, SummifyYT is a useful browser extension that allows users to easily summarize YouTube video comments, saving time and providing valuable insights into the discussions around a video.

SummifyYT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 30th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Summarizes YouTube comments
Saves user time
Aligns with YouTube style
Regularly updated
Settings for summary language
Enables GPT-4
Highly rated by users
Does not collect user data
User data not sold
Useful for understanding sentiment
Efficient way to overview comments
Disable auto-start setting
Requires login for functionality
Easily installed as a browser extension
Light size (140KiB)
No unnecessary data transfer
Not used for creditworthiness
Helps grasp key opinions
Works within ChatGPT
Removes necessity of reading all comments


Limited to YouTube comments
Requires ChatGPT login
No mobile app available
Limited language settings
Specific to Chrome browser
Dependent on YouTube's UI
No text-to-speech function
Fixed summary format
No offline features
Limited user base for reviews


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Does SummifyYT collect user data?
Can I enable or disable auto-start on SummifyYT?
Is SummifyYT compatible with my device?
What is the purpose of the GPT-4 setting in SummifyYT?
Who is the developer of SummifyYT?
How often does SummifyYT get updated?
How can I contact the developer of SummifyYT?
What is the average review rating for SummifyYT?
How does SummifyYT help to save time?
Does SummifyYT sell user data to third parties?
How does SummifyYT align with YouTube's webpage style?
How well has SummifyYT been received by its users?

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