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Automated sales outreach and lead generation.
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Super Send is an AI tool that automates cold outreach across multiple platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, and email. It offers a range of features to streamline and optimize outreach campaigns.One of its key features is the ability to build lead lists quickly by searching its database of millions of vetted email addresses.

Users can search for leads based on various criteria, such as company size, department, number of employees, and revenue. This reduces the time spent on lead generation and enables faster campaign launches.Super Send also stands out for its conditional sequences, allowing users to customize their outreach approach.

The sequence builder offers flexibility in designing outbound campaigns, and the Task Node allows actions outside of Super Send to be integrated. Additionally, the tool offers email automation with real Gmail addresses, allowing users to automate follow-ups based on recipient responses.For Twitter outreach, Super Send provides automation features that enable users to follow and message prospects on the platform.

This functionality can be an effective way to engage potential leads.The tool also offers advanced filtering and querying options, personalized images, email A/B testing, and robust reporting.

It supports liquid syntax for dynamic messages and spintax for slight email variations. Furthermore, Super Send integrates with Slack for notifications on replies and allows contact import from HubSpot.Overall, Super Send provides a comprehensive set of features for automating and optimizing cold outreach campaigns across multiple platforms, making it a valuable tool for businesses looking to expand their customer base.


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Pros and Cons


Multiple platform outreach
Quick lead list building
Search leads with criteria
Conditional sequences for outreach
Task Node for external actions
Automation with real Gmail
Twitter outreach automation
Advanced filtering and querying
Personalized images in emails
Email A/B testing
Robust reporting on KPIs
Supports liquid syntax
Spintax for email variations
Slack integration for notifications
HubSpot contacts import
Twitter Chrome extension
Inbox rotation for bulk emails
Email from multiple addresses
GPT-3 for creative emailing


No integration with CRM
No mobile app support
Limited number of campaigns
Support only during US West Coast hours
Limited social account connections
No multi-language support
No Facebook or Instagram automation
Message send limit per month
Lack of user community
No free version offered


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