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Child ed-app with custom lessons.
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Super Teacher is an educational app designed to provide effective private lessons to children aged between 3 and 8 years old. The app offers a variety of subject areas, including reading, math, art, poetry, and science, with more lessons added to the collection regularly.

Super Teacher utilizes interactive and adaptive teaching techniques, meaning children learn through active participation and the app adapts to their individual skills and abilities.

This focus on personalization allows the app to act as a private teacher, with lessons available at any time.The app is praised for its effectiveness, with testimonials from satisfied parents and users praising its ability to teach reading skills, as well as its well-designed math and science lessons.

Super Teacher has been designed to be easy to use for children, with a conversational interface that encourages their participation.Super Teacher is suitable for use by parents, teachers, curriculum developers, and publishers, and its ongoing commitment to adding new lessons ensures a constantly updated source of educational content.

The app is available for download from the app store and offers a free trial period. Overall, Super Teacher is a valuable and accessible tool for parents seeking a personalized approach to children's education.


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Feb 3, 2024
I am a teacher of 5 very special students with profound multiple learning disaabilities in the age range of 10-15. can this ai app help these students learn better?

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Pros and Cons


Custom lessons
Ages 3-8 adjusted
Multiple subject areas
Adaptive teaching techniques
Personalized learning
Online private tutor
24/7 availability
Highly effective
Promotes active participation
Easy to use
Interactive interface
Positive testimonials
Suitable for parents
Useful for teachers
Curriculum developers friendly
Good for publishers
Ongoing content updates
Free trial available
Mobile App
Kindergarten prep lessons
Science stories
Grade 2 fractions
Poetry introduction
Clock and time lessons
Social-emotional topics


Not available on Android
Limited age range (3-8)
Dependent on child's participation
Lacks peer social interaction
Limited subject areas
No indicated skill level monitoring
May require parental supervision
No offline functionality mentioned


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How can I download the Super Teacher app?
Is there a free trial for Super Teacher?
Is Super Teacher designed to be easy for children to use?
How does Super Teacher adapt to my child’s skills and abilities?
Does Super Teacher have a unique teaching methodology for each subject?
Can Super Teacher be effective in teaching social-emotional skills?
How often does Super Teacher add new lessons?
Can the Super Teacher app provide lessons for kindergarten prep?
Can Super Teacher be used for supplemental curriculum development?
Can Super Teacher help my child learn to read?
What does the conversational interface on Super Teacher look like?
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