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Unlimited tutoring. Any subject. Any time.
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Super Teacher is an educational platform designed primarily for children aged 3 to 8. It offers unlimited tutoring across a wide range of subjects such as reading, math, art, poetry, science, and more.

The tutoring utilizes an interactive format aimed at active participation to facilitate learning, thereby making it less monotonous and more engaging for a child.

The program adapts to the childs individual skills and abilities, ensuring it remains tailored to their learning abilities and developmental stage. As the platform is available at any time, it essentially acts as a private teacher, ready to provide education when required.

In addition to core subjects, the platform also offers lessons in kindergarten preparation, reading comprehension, drawing, fraction, multiplication, and social-emotional learning.

User testimonials indicate its effectiveness in improving a child's learning experience, making it more than just screen time. Super Teacher provides value to parents, teachers, publishers, curriculum developers, and childrens content creators.

The platform is accessible via Apple and Google Play stores. Supplemental features offered to enhance user interactions may vary based on technological advancements and user feedback.


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Feb 3, 2024
I am a teacher of 5 very special students with profound multiple learning disaabilities in the age range of 10-15. can this ai app help these students learn better?

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Pros and Cons


Educational variety
Interactive learning
Adaptive techniques
Personalized lessons
24/7 availability
Easy for children
Effective testimonials
Wide age group
Kindergarten preparation
Reading comprehension
Fraction and multiplication lessons
Social-emotional learning
Available on app stores
Free trial period
Great for children's publishers
Frequent content updates
Children's content creation
Conversational interface
Unlimited tutoring
Affordable cost
Multi-subject tutoring
Adapts learning difficulty
Engaging for children
Proven results
Parental satisfaction
Adapts to skill level
Private teacher availability
Science, skills development
User-friendly interface
Downloadable content
Science stories
Alters difficulty level
Multiple learning modes
Facilitates active participation
Teaches drawing skills
Supports development stage
Any time accessibility
Supports curriculum developers
Effective screen time


Limited age range
No offline mode
No progress tracking
Limited subject variety
No multi-language support
Irrelevant for higher education
Unsuitable for group learning
Potentially overwhelming interactivity
No community interaction

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