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Automation of unstructured data processing.
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Super.AI's Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) tool automates business processes end-to-end using a unified AI platform that can handle any unstructured data type, including documents, images, videos, audio, and text.

The tool breaks down complex documents into smaller components and leverages the best AI, human, and software workers to process each component, ensuring high-quality results.

Curated human workers from Super.AI's on-demand Data Processing Crowd review low-confidence fields to maintain 100% data processing. Users define project priorities for quality, cost, and speed, and Super.AI intelligently selects the best combination of human, AI, and software workers to guarantee outcomes.

Over 150+ quality assurance mechanisms, including human review for low-confidence results, ensure outputs consistently meet or exceed user-defined thresholds.

The tool is trusted by intelligent automation innovators across several industries, including financial services, insurance, logistics, retail, and shared services.

Super.AI's IDP can be used to automate claims document processing, damage assessment, customer service quality checks, and much more. The tool can help improve customer experience while lowering operating costs and risk.

Super.AI offers case studies, documentation, FAQs, and resources to help businesses get started on their automation journey.


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SuperAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 11th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


End-to-end automation
Handles all unstructured data
Breaks down complex documents
Users define project priorities
Outcomes guaranteed
Designed for several sectors
150+ quality assurance mechanisms
Established trust in industry
Claims document processing
Automates damage assessment
Customer service quality checks
Improves customer experience
Reduces operating costs and risks
Offers case studies, documentation, FAQs
Supports unstructured data including audio
Positive customer feedback
On-demand Data Processing Crowd
Used to automate interbank settlements
Automates logistics document processing
High-level customer service
Defines project priorities


Requires manual data connection
Complex priority setting
Depends on crowd workers
Limited language support
Lack of continuous learning
Hard to integrate APIs
Only works with unstructured data
High dependence on user-defined thresholds
Lack of real-time processing
No real-time support


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In what ways can Super.AI's IDP improve customer experience?
How does Super.AI's IDP help in reducing operating costs and risk?
What resources does Super.AI provide to businesses starting their automation journey?
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What are Super.AI's quality assurance mechanisms?
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