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Enhanced meeting preparation and insights.
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Supermanage AI is an AI-powered tool that aims to simplify the preparation process for one-on-one meetings by distilling the relevant information from your team's Slack channels into a customized employee brief.

By joining the waitlist, users can access this feature, which provides insights for catching up before each meeting effortlessly.The tool promises to deliver a tailored brief before every one-on-one session, extracting the necessary information and eliminating the noise from public Slack channels.

This concise summary includes everything managers need to know in just two minutes, allowing them to break away from catch-up mode and engage in deeper, more meaningful conversations with their team members.Supermanage encourages managers to use these insights to provide necessary support, establish stronger connections, and celebrate accomplishments in order to promote the overall growth of the team.

Additionally, the tool plans to introduce more features focused on understanding team dynamics, engagement levels, contributions, challenges, sentiment, and more.By utilizing Supermanage AI, users can rely on the tool to handle the information gathering process, allowing them to focus on being present and empathetic during discussions.

Stay connected with Supermanage for a more streamlined and efficient approach to managing your team's one-on-one meetings.


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Jun 29, 2023
Looks clean! Excited to give it a try.
Jun 29, 2023
Excited to try this in my next 1:1!

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Pros and Cons


Simplify preparation of 1-on-1s
Customized employee briefs
Insights from Slack channels
Briefs accessible by waitlist
Eliminates noise from conversations
Summarizes in two minutes
Promotes engaging conversations
Facilitates supportive management
Celebrates team accomplishments
Plans for dynamics analysis
Engagement level studies
Studies contributions and challenges
Sentiment analysis feature
Allows empathy during discussions
Streamlines meeting management process


Only supports Slack
No integrations with calendar apps
No real-time insights
No mobile version
Only on waitlist
No available API
Unknown handling of private communications
No option for non-managers
No multilanguage support
Confined to 1-on-1 meetings


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How can Supermanage AI help in engaging deeper with team members?
How can Supermanage AI's insights be used to provide necessary support and celebrate accomplishments?
What kind of features is Supermanage AI planning to introduce to offer more understanding of team dynamics?
How does Supermanage AI help in understanding team contributions and challenges?
What types of team engagement levels can Supermanage AI measure?
How does Supermanage AI help to focus on being empathetic during discussions?
What does 'Get signal without the noise' mean in the context of Supermanage AI?
How does Supermanage AI help in breaking out of catch-up mode?
How can Supermanage AI streamline 1-on-1 meetings?
How does Supermanage AI integrate with Slack?
How does Supermanage AI summarize and distill information from public Slack channels?
What is the procedure to join the waitlist for Supermanage AI?
How does Supermanage AI assist in celebrating wins and promoting team growth?
What is meant by 'Stay connected with Supermanage?'

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