Customer support 2024-02-08
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Simplify customer support with the power of AI.
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Supermoon is an AI-powered team inbox for growing teams.

If you're currently overpaying for an enterprise helpdesk platform, or you're still using an email inbox for customer support, you need Supermoon today!

Upgrade to the shared inbox you’ve been looking for.
Supermoon’s omnichannel inbox lets you manage customer requests from Gmail, Outlook, Instagram, and website chat. Now you can connect them ALL in your shared inbox, invite your teammates to collaborate, and reply to customer messages with a single login.

Save more time with Personalized AI.
Personalized AI utilizes your business's FAQ or knowledge base to give you a head start on every support request. By generating customized replies to each customer question, our users are cutting their manual response time in half! Set up your Supermoon support inbox in minutes and start saving time today.

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Supermoon was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 7th 2024.

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Pros and Cons


E-commerce and customer service
Streamlines customer support
Facilitates customer relationships
Shared inbox feature
Shopify integration
Consistent reply tone
Correct grammar in replies
Manages team chats
Reduces unnecessary conversations
Replaces meaningless subject lines
Enhanced reply insight
Inbox content preview
Urgent message prioritization
Increases internal communication efficiency
Improves customer support experience


Only integrates with Shopify
Limited team chat functionality
Message summaries may omit details
Sentiment detection accuracy unclear
No mentioned customer support for tool
Unclear compatibility with multiple platforms
No multi-language support mentioned
Pricing transparency missing
Restricted to E-commerce use


What is the main functionality of Supermoon?
How does Supermoon enhance customer service for businesses?
Can you explain the shared inbox feature of Supermoon?
What kind of integration does Supermoon provide with Shopify?
How does AI enhance customer services with Supermoon?
What are AI Smart Replies on Supermoon, and how do they work?
How does Supermoon facilitate team communication?
Can you explain the AI-powered message summaries feature in Supermoon?
How does Supermoon manage to reduce the number of unnecessary channels and conversations in team chats?
What is the sentiment detection feature in Supermoon?
How do AI features in Supermoon assist in building customer relationships?
How does Supermoon prioritize user's inboxes?
What are the benefits of Supermoon for e-commerce businesses?
Can the tone and grammar of messages on Supermoon be personalized?
How does Supermoon help in saving time during customer service operations?
How do the message summaries in Supermoon improve replies?
Can Supermoon provide meaningful insights into my inbox?
Does Supermoon have a feature for managing critical or urgent messages?
Can Supermoon enhance visibility into my inbox?
Where can I install Supermoon for use with Shopify?

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