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Revolutionizes content with voice cloning/synthesis.
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Supertone is an AI audio tech startup that specializes in expressive singing/speech synthesis, original voice design, and speech enhancement. Their proprietary technology is used to create hyperrealistic and expressive results for music, video, and gaming content.

Supertone offers a suite of tools for creators to break the limitations in content creation. The Voice Gene Designer allows for the cloning of existing voices, creation of completely novel voices, or recommendation of the best matched voice for a character’s appearance.

The Voice Content Creator is an all-in-one workstation that employs Voice Genes for the creation of singing and dialogue content. The Real-Time Voice Converter is a real-time voice conversion software with realistic quality.

The Real-Time Voice Separator is an audio plugin for those who want to cleanly separate their voice from any noisy and reverberant environment in real time.

The Singing Voice Synthesis (SVS) AI technology brings life to a new voice and can be trained on melody and lyrics to sing, or on scripts and delivery to act.

Controllable Voice Conversion (CVC) allows the conversion of any voice to a voice of the user’s choice. Supertone has been honored with several awards, including the CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree: Software & Mobile Apps, and the NeurIPS 2021.

Supertone’s technology can be utilized for music, video, and gaming content. Music can be created with any voice of the user’s choice, and live performances or broadcasting with real-time AI technology is possible.

For video, the ability to create any voice allows for scenarios with no limitations, and voice separation technology can completely separate an actor’s voice from any ambient noise in on-site recordings.

The same technology can be used for character design, voice dubbing, and universe creation in gaming. Lastly, Supertone can help create a voice that embodies

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Pros and Cons


Expressive singing/speech synthesis
Original voice design
Speech enhancement
Hyperrealistic voice results
Tool suite for creators
Voice cloning capability
Novel voice creation
Recommendation for character voices
All-in-one voice content workstation
Real-time voice conversion
Real-time voice separation
Award-winning technology
Singing Voice Synthesis (SVS)
Controllable Voice Conversion (CVC)
Application in music creation
Voice separation in video
Voice dubbing in gaming
Creates brand voice identity
Multi-language dubbing
Face-to-voice matching technology
Data handling care
Voice use authorization
Voice customization control
Unlimited voice scenario in video
Melody and lyrics training
Scripts and delivery training
Small scale business agreements
Music never heard before
Enhanced vocal expression control
On-site voice recording
Noisy environment voice separation
Post-production voice alteration
Gender and age voice tuning
Multi-field technology recognition
Automatic Speech Recognition
Speaker Verification
Natural Language Processing
Voice Conversion
Studio-quality Speech Enhancement
Text-to-Speech synthesis
Useful in PR/Marketing
Voice User Interface
Support in voice activation
Non-monetization on non-consented voices
Public figures voices for research
Voice misuse prevention


No easy UI navigation
Limited voice conversion options
Requires clean voice input
Long content production time (3 months minimum)
Quality specific voice source material requirements
Dependency on face-to-voice technology
Potential misuse of technology
Rights issues with voice usage
No one-time usage options
Constraints on political/business figures voices revival


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