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Automated customer support message drafting.
Generated by ChatGPT

ChatGPT for HelpScout is an AI-powered tool that creates automated draft replies for HelpScout support tickets. Once integrated with HelpScout, the tool analyzes previous replies from the support agents and learns the writing style, tone, and context to generate the best possible draft reply for each new message.

The tool provides users with the flexibility to edit the generated draft or send it as is. Additionally, ChatGPT for HelpScout streamlines the response process by enabling quick replies from an instruction in the chrome extension.

The tool offers a free trial with the first 50 drafts being on the house, and two pricing models, the Startup, and Business plan, priced at $29 and $99 per month, respectively.

The Startup plan covers 100 draft replies and includes chrome extension access and training on the user's 500 most recent replies. The Business plan, on the other hand, provides greater scalability with 500 draft replies, chrome extension access, and training on the user's 5,000 most recent replies.

ChatGPT for HelpScout helps support agents save time and improve efficiency in responding to customer support tickets. By utilizing AI to automate drafting replies, the tool reduces response times and provides accurate responses while freeing up agents to work on other customer support tasks.


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Supportagent was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automated draft replies
Learns writing style
Adaptive tone and context
Edit or send drafts
Chrome extension compatibility
Quick replies from instructions
Free trial available
Two pricing models
Covers 100 and 500 drafts
Scalable business plan
Trains on recent replies
Reduces response times
Supports HelpScout integration
Increases agent efficiency
Drafts based on past replies
Continuous learning with use
Convenient draft-generation process
One-click HelpScout connection
Facilitates quicker messaging
Affordable plans
Startup-friendly pricing
Improve customer service quality
Designed for fast response
No credit card required


Limited to HelpScout integration
Only 500 drafts for Business plan
Training limited to recent replies
Requires Chrome for full functionality
No multilingual support mentioned
No scalable pricing for large businesses
No offline functionality
No bespoke training options
No mobile app specified


What is ChatGPT for HelpScout?
How does ChatGPT for HelpScout work?
What are the key features of ChatGPT for HelpScout?
How does ChatGPT for HelpScout learn from my previous replies?
Can I edit drafts created by ChatGPT for HelpScout before sending?
What is the impact of ChatGPT for HelpScout on the response time?
How can ChatGPT for HelpScout make my support team more efficient?
Do I need any special skills to use ChatGPT for HelpScout?
What's the difference between the Startup and Business plan of ChatGPT for HelpScout?
How much does ChatGPT for HelpScout cost?
Does ChatGPT for HelpScout offer a free trial?
How many draft replies can I get with each pricing plan?
What is the chrome extension access in ChatGPT for HelpScout?
How does the training on recent replies work?
Can I use ChatGPT for HelpScout with all my HelpScout mailboxes?
Where are my support tickets processed with ChatGPT for HelpScout?
Is my data secure with ChatGPT for HelpScout?
What if the draft created by ChatGPT for HelpScout is not accurate?
Can ChatGPT for HelpScout be used for multiple languages in customer support?
Can I cancel my ChatGPT for HelpScout subscription at any time?

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