Data analysis 2023-02-10
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Enhanced security, streamline analysis, accurate search.
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Swirl is an open-source enterprise search and AI tool that enables users to search multiple enterprise applications and sites with a single query. It brings together various searchable information sources and utilizes AI and large language models to provide accurate and relevant results, ultimately saving time for users.

Swirl prioritizes security by utilizing existing security models, ensuring that information remains secure throughout the search process.The tool offers several functionalities for businesses and application developers.

It can be used for data enrichment, entity analysis, and integrating unstructured data for content curation, data science, and machine learning applications.

Swirl also provides the capability to blend or enhance results for generative AI by searching other silos. Swirl offers two deployment options. The Community version is an open-source platform available at no cost, including the Swirl engine and Swirl galaxy user interface.

For enterprise users, Swirl offers a turnkey per-seat model hosted on Microsoft Azure, providing access to enterprise connectors, integrated analytics, and support for existing security measures.The tool also includes Metapipe, which allows users to connect multiple sources, process information, and send it to an endpoint.

With Metapipe, users can train large language models, monitor content and receive alerts, and find, score, and fetch documents.Swirl is continuously updated and improved, with a blog and resources section available for users to stay informed about the latest developments and contribute to the project.

It can be accessed via various social media platforms such as LinkedIn, GitHub, and YouTube.


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