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Sales communication analysis and summary generation.
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Sybill is an AI-powered tool that helps GTM (go-to-market) teams improve their sales communication and messaging. The tool analyzes the body language of buyers on sales calls to provide insights into what resonates with them.

After every sales call, Sybill creates an accurate summary and pushes it to Slack + CRM. The tool captures every word and non-verbal reaction in a report, saving time and effort in taking notes.

Sybill uses behavior AI to track participant body language during calls and provides automatic call notes, sharing, and analytics through conversational AI.

Additionally, Sybill helps marketers get insights on their content and messaging as it resonates with their buyer personas, and coaches sales leaders to manage deals with holistic insights.

The platform also has a marketing partner to aggregate insights from prospect reactions to sales decks and demos.Sybill's Magic Summary feature provides automatic, accurate sales call summaries, including next steps, pain points, areas of interest, and more, to save time and effort in taking notes.

The tool also provides engagement and sentiment data, helping users understand prospects' needs better. Sybill helps users manage their deals in one place, with deep insights and data to transform their slide deck and demos, and coach themselves and their team on winning behaviors.

Sybill has been trusted by over 250 companies to read the room with accurate and absurdly human-like call summaries, providing a deep understanding of buyer needs and pain points, and helping teams close more deals.

Sybill was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 26th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Accurate call summaries
Analyzes body language
Pushes summaries to Slack + CRM
No need for note-taking
Insights from non-verbal reactions
Automatic note sharing
Insights on marketing content
Coaching for sales leaders
Identifies next steps in call
Unearths clients' pain points
Identifies areas of interest
Provides engagement and sentiment data
Transforms and improves sales strategies
Working with Gong/Chorus recordings
Insights into buyer personas
Features built-in semantic trackers
Helps manage deals in one place
Improves presentation slides and demos
Metric-driven performance improvements
Helps prevent deal fallouts
Understands engagement by slide
Reveals when prospects disengage
Built-in understanding of non-verbal cues
Syncs with CRM
Tabs on losing interest prospects
Transforms content based on data
Promotes winning sales behaviors
Automatic, Absurdly human-like call summaries
Body Language analysis
Identifies decision makers
Works with Zoom
Easy to join – adds as a Zoom participant
Insights after call
Powered by multimodal intelligence engine


Depends on quality of video
Works primarily with Zoom
Limited to Slack + CRM integrations
May not detect subtle nuances
Requires high quality internet connection
No multilingual support mentioned
Potential privacy issues
Bias in behavior interpretation


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