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Real-time conversation analytics platform.
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Symbl.ai is a conversation intelligence platform that offers developers real-time transcription and insights of unstructured conversation data using advanced deep learning models.

The tool provides solutions to various industries such as revenue intelligence, events and webinars, remote collaboration, contact center, and recruiting intelligence.

Symbl.ai’s features support custom trackers, summarization, topic modeling, transcription, conversation analytics, and pre-built UI and components for voice, audio, and text data.

With its APIs technology, Symbl.ai allows real-time and asynchronous speech recognition for unstructured human conversations, enabling the tool to add intelligence with a single API call.

Additionally, the platform provides keyword, phrase, and intent detection in real-time, both in less than 400 milliseconds and via batch/asynchronous requests.

Symbl.ai includes speech-to-text integration, allowing the most accurate and asynchronous speech recognition API that is built for human conversations.

The tool's conversation analytics generate various metrics to enhance user or agent conversation analytics such as talk-to-listen ratios, words per minute, talk time, and topic-based sentiments.

Symbl.ai also supports processing conversations and extracting insights across various conversation channels such as video or audio files, telephony, and streaming.

Moreover, Symbl.ai prioritizes customer support, providing flexible plans with no usage commitments and scalable growth options.

Symbl was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 16th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Real-time transcription
Insights of unstructured conversation
Advanced deep learning models
Custom trackers support
Topic modeling
Pre-built UI components
Real-time and asynchronous speech recognition
Keyword, phrase, intent detection
Speech-to-text integration
Conversation analytics
Video, audio, telephony, streaming processing
No usage commitments
Scalable growth options
Abstractive and context-aware summarization
Hierarchical topics extraction
Enhanced user or agent analytics
Can integrate with various conversation channels
Solutions for multiple industries
Reliability and performance
Enterprise grade security
Ready-to-use ML models
Customizable ML models
Easy API integration
Dedicated account support and SLAs


Data security compliance unspecified
Limited language support
Dependent on internet connection
No offline usage
No dedicated mobile application
Real-time accuracy not specified
Potential latency in analytics
Limited customisation options
Training for use required
Accurate transcription not guaranteed


What is Symbl.ai?
What industries can Symbl.ai provide solutions for?
What features does Symbl.ai offer?
How does Symbl.ai's transcription work?
How does Symbl.ai's conversation analytics work?
What can Symbl.ai's pre-built UI and components do?
Can Symbl.ai process conversations across different channels?
What is Symbl.ai's API technology?
How quickly can Symbl.ai detect keyword, phrase, and intent?
Does Symbl.ai provide customer support?
What are the pricing options for Symbl.ai?
What type of security certifications does Symbl.ai have?
Does Symbl.ai offer any documentation or resources for using their tool?
What conversation metrics can Symbl.ai provide?
How is Symbl.ai optimized for developers?
Can Symbl.ai provide insights in real-time?
What is Symbl.ai's tracking feature?
What does Symbl.ai's topic modeling feature do?
What is Symbl.ai's summarization feature?
How accurate is Symbl.ai's speech-to-text integration?


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