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Let AI evaluate your symptoms and help understand your health concerns.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered tool designed to evaluate user-reported medical symptoms and provide insight into health concerns. The tool encourages users to describe their symptoms in their own words, inputting details of their onset, severity, progression, influencing factors, and any recently experienced illnesses or travel history.

The tool also takes into account a user's existing health issues, surgeries, social history, current or recently used medications, and relevant test results.

Its AI system then generates a response based on this user-supplied information. However, it's important to note that the purpose of is not to give medical advice or replace professional medical consultations.

Users are advised not to use the feedback from this tool as a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment, nor to ignore or delay seeking professional medical advice based on the generated responses.

It's also emphasised that in urgent or emergency situations, it's crucial to contact a healthcare professional or an emergency service right away. should only serve as a preliminary tool to help users better understand their symptoms and it highlights the potential of AI in healthcare.


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Pros and Cons


User-friendly interface
Detailed symptom analysis
Personal symptom descriptions
Accounts for medication use
Records recent illnesses
Considers social history
Analyzes existing health issues
Useful for preliminary understanding
Constantly improving
Values user feedback
Evaluates recent test results
Online accessibility
Gender consideration
Consideration of symptom progression
Web-based, no software installation
On-set time consideration
Notices influencing factors
Seamless user input
Doesn't replace medical consultations
Inclusion of surgeries
Facilitates initial symptom recognition
Respects urgency situations
Open for suggestions


Non-reviewed responses
Not intended for medical advice
Experimental project
Only two developers
No professional medical guidance
Not for emergency situations
Responses not reliable
Lacks detailed health information
Overreliance on user input
No established healthcare collaboration


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What type of information is required to use
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How are the responses generated by
Is a replacement for professional medical consultation?
Is the tool suitable for emergencies?
Who is behind the project?
How is being improved?
What is the purpose of
Can provide medical advice?
How can I provide my symptoms to
What does the AI in do with my medical data?
Do I need to input my personal history into
Is's functionality dependent on the accuracy of the information I feed it?
What happens when I click 'Continue' on
Can the tool help me understand my health concerns?
What are the limitations of
Can I rely on's findings?
Is connected with any medical facilities or healthcare providers?

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