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Produced human-presented videos for diverse goals.

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Synthesia is an AI video generation platform that makes creating AI videos easy and affordable. It allows users to generate engaging videos with human presenters directly from their browser with no video editing experience required.

Synthesia offers a wide range of features including 85+ diverse AI avatars, 120+ languages and accents, 55+ pre-designed templates, and the ability to create custom AI avatars.

The platform also offers a wide range of use cases, from training videos for learning and development teams, to customer support and product marketing videos.

Synthesia is trusted by 30,000+ companies of all sizes and has been proven to save up to 80% of time and budget compared to traditional video creation processes.

It is simple to use and can be used for a variety of applications, from creating how-to videos to product marketing videos. Synthesia also offers a number of resources including example videos to browse and clone, case studies, integrations, and an academy to learn how to create great videos.

Synthesia was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 27th 2022.
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Richard Green
· May 24, 2023
Looking for another solution. Maxed my paid plan in two videos. Have to "Contact Sales" for higher volume use. Then booked for a dog and pony show, even though I said I was on my third video and just need a price quote for my use case. Wrote again, and sales rep was not available for several more days.

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Pros and Cons


Generates videos from text
No video editing required
120+ languages and accents
55+ pre-designed templates
Wide range of use cases
Trusted by 30,000+ companies
Saves up to 80% of time and budget
Resourceful with example videos and case studies
Offers integrations
In-built academy for learning
Supports creation of training and marketing videos
Provides closed captions
Intuitive interface for beginners
Built-in screen recorder and media library
Affordable video production
Web-based app
Can produce professional actors
Localize videos in 120+ languages
4M+ videos created
Rated #1 on G2
Fast, secure and scalable
Easily update videos anytime
Offers trial without credit card
High customer satisfaction rate


Requires internet connection
Potential privacy concerns
Dependent on text clarity
No offline access
Weak in non-training applications
Limited pre-designed templates
Translation dependent on source language quality
No own actor recording


What is Synthesia?
What kind of videos can I create with Synthesia?
How does Synthesia create videos from plain text?
What are the key features of Synthesia?
How do Synthesia's AI avatars work?
Can I create my own AI avatar in Synthesia?
How does Synthesia handle different languages and accents?
What are Synthesia's video templates?
Can Synthesia be used for training videos?
Can Synthesia be used for customer support videos?
How can I use Synthesia for product marketing?
How many companies trust Synthesia for their video creation?
Can Synthesia save my time and budget compared to traditional video creation?
Can I use Synthesia on my browser?
What resources and integrations does Synthesia offer?
How does Synthesia's pricing work?
Which companies are clients of Synthesia?
Can Synthesia be used to localize videos?
What are some common use cases for Synthesia?
Will Synthesia track my activity on its website?

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