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Math tutoring for kids with personalization.
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Synthesis Tutor is an AI-powered educational tool designed to provide personalized math tutoring for children. Developed by a team funded by DARPA, it builds on their research and incorporates modern AI tools to create an engaging and effective learning experience.

The curriculum is created by Dr. James Tanton, a renowned mathematician with a Ph.D. from Princeton University and multiple awards for teaching excellence.

The tool covers a wide range of math topics, with a roadmap that includes arithmetic properties, fractions, decimals, algebraic expressions, geometry, and more.Parents who have tried Synthesis Tutor praise its effectiveness and the enthusiasm it generates in their children.

The tool encourages active participation and offers a patient and engaging teaching style. It aims to create a sense of magic and excitement to foster a love for math.The platform is user-friendly, and a demo is available for parents and children to try without the need for login credentials.

Synthesis Tutor also emphasizes privacy and compliance with COPPA regulations. To access the tutoring program, users can choose between different subscription options, including access to math content for one year or lifetime access to all subjects.

The tool is set to launch in the fall of 2023, with additional subjects like physics, chemistry, and engineering expected to be added later for a comprehensive STEM learning experience.

Synthesis Tutor was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 10th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized math tutoring
Curriculum by renowned mathematician
Covers wide range of topics
Promotes active participation
User-friendly platform
Demo available
Privacy and COPPA compliance
Multiple subscription options
Includes future expansion subjects
Effective learning endorsed by parents
Exciting and magical teaching approach
Developed by a team funded by DARPA
Scheduled launch with roadmap
Based on proven research
Access to high-quality content


Expensive subscription options
Limited subject coverage
Currently only mathematics
Set to launch in 2023
Limited age group (7-18)
No mobile app mentioned
Content locked behind paywall
No free version available
Expected future subjects uncertain
No integrated student community


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Do I need login credentials to try the demo of Synthesis Tutor?
How does Synthesis Tutor comply with COPPA regulations?
What subscription options are available to access the tutoring program of Synthesis Tutor?
When is the estimated launch date of Synthesis Tutor?
What additional subjects is Synthesis Tutor planning to add onto their platform?
What is the mission behind Synthesis Tutor?
How does Synthesis Tutor foster a love for math in children?
Do I need to install any additional software to use Synthesis Tutor?
How do I talk to the team behind Synthesis Tutor if I have more questions?
Does Synthesis Tutor offer any resources on math for parents?
Can I access Synthesis Tutor on multiple devices?
How often is the curriculum of Synthesis Tutor updated?
Is Synthesis Tutor suitable for children with learning disabilities?
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