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Organized news and images.
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The Synthetic Standard is an AI-powered tool that provides news and images from various fields such as politics, finance, and business. The tool curates news and images from around the world and presents them in an organized manner for easy consumption.

It also features articles recognizing young professionals making significant contributions to their respective fields, such as the annual "40 Under 40" list.

The tool provides insight into leaders across industries and regions, including a diverse group of accomplished professionals. Additionally, The Synthetic Standard highlights recent events in politics, sports, and finance, as well as corporate philanthropy awards and layoffs.

There is no information provided on how the tool curates its news and images, or how frequently it updates its content. However, based on the text provided, it seems to provide a wide array of information from various sources.

Overall, The Synthetic Standard appears to be a comprehensive and diverse tool, providing news and insights on various industries and regions through AI-powered curation.


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Synthetic Standard was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 21st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Curates global news
Organized content layout
Wide array of topics
Spotlights young professionals
Provides industry insight
Multiple industries coverage
Recognizes corporate philanthropy
Reports recent events
Diverse news sources
Daily updates
Accurate time stamping
Company events tracking
Business expansion updates
Legal updates tracking
Finance updates tracking
Sports news coverage
Offering diverse viewpoints
Daily newsletter option
Accessible contact information
Clear user interface
Sections for different interests
Events anticipation
Regional news coverage
Highlights company layoffs
Deep-dives into industries


No curation transparency
Update frequency unclear
News source diversity unknown
Limited to textual content
No search function
No content personalization
No user profiles
No mobile app
No visual data representation
No multilingual support


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Who are the target users of The Synthetic Standard?
Does The Synthetic Standard cover news from all over the world?
What is the quality of the images provided by The Synthetic Standard?
Does The Synthetic Standard have a feature to identify young professionals?
How does The Synthetic Standard ensure the diversity of its news?
Is there a subscription service for The Synthetic Standard?
Does The Synthetic Standard have an archive section for past news?
Can content on The Synthetic Standard be shared on Social media?
How does The Synthetic Standard handle breaking news?
Is there any personalized content delivery on The Synthetic Standard?
Does The Synthetic Standard provide insights on leaders across different industries?
How does The Synthetic Standard classify its news?
Can I search for specific content on The Synthetic Standard?
Does The Synthetic Standard offer news in languages other than English?

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