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Synthesize scientific literature swiftly and reliably.
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System Pro is an AI-powered tool designed primarily for facilitating the process of locating, synthesizing, and adding context to scientific literature.

It focuses particularly on health and life sciences, offering targeted and valuable information extraction and contextualization resources for professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts in these domains.

By employing advanced AI algorithms, the tool goes beyond simple keyword searches to deliver more relevant and precise results. System Pro is designed to understand the content of scientific literature contextually, ensuring that users find the most appropriate and relevant materials for their research or project needs.

The tool automates the process of sifting through vast amounts of scientific data, making research more efficient, focused, and productive. It enhances user understanding by synthesizing complex data into digestible formats and providing a context for better comprehension.

System Pro can significantly reduce the time spent on literature search and review, thereby accelerating scientific discovery and study. Be aware that the use of this tool requires JavaScript enabled on your browser.

The functionality and performance of System Pro may further evolve as it continues to incorporate more data and refine its algorithms.


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Apr 22, 2024
The site is reaaly good, but i'm find troubles to upgrade my account, there's not an easy link to do it. So i'm limitaded to just 4 searchs a MONTH, that's really low.

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System Pro was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 4th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Fast research synthesis
Reliable search results
Advanced NLP algorithms
Efficient keyword matching
Saves research time
Avoids irrelevant material
Customizable search settings
Citation analysis feature
Article clustering feature
Topic modeling feature
Contextualizes findings
Adherence to privacy policy
Free trial availability
Specific focus on health/life sciences
Provides contextual understanding
Efficient data processing
Detailed information extraction
Algorithmic search functionality
Contextually understands content
Turns complex data digestible
Accelerates scientific discovery
JavaScript enabled


Requires JavaScript enabled
Limited to health/life sciences
Restricted database incorporation
Algorithm refinement needed
Lack of browser compatibility
Possibly complex user interface
Limited search customization options
Narrow research scope
Privacy constraints as PBC
Limited free trial access


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What additional features does System Pro offer to help synthesize and contextualize findings?
What is the significance of advanced natural language processing (NLP) algorithms in System Pro's functions?
How does System Pro enable accurate information extraction from scientific literature?
How does System Pro help in identifying trends, patterns, and relationships in research data?
How does System Pro use AI in science?
How does System Pro maintain privacy of its users?
Does System Pro offer a free trial?
How does System Pro handle outdated or irrelevant research materials?
What type of scientific literature does System Pro specialize in?
Can I filter my searches on System Pro by author or publication?
Can I use System Pro if JavaScript is not enabled on my browser?
What measures does System Pro take to ensure the relevancy and precision of search results?
Are there any plans for System Pro to incorporate more data and refine its algorithms in the future?
How does System Pro speed up the process of scientific discovery and study?

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