Coding 2023-09-14
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Improved coding productivity with assistance.
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Tabby is an open-source, self-hosted AI coding assistant that aims to enhance and streamline the coding experience. With Tabby, users can expect a quick and reliable coding process, thanks to its utilization of Rust, a programming language known for its speed and safety.

One of Tabby's standout features is its easy configuration capabilities. Through a simple TOML config, users can effortlessly control the deployment of Tabby according to their preferences.

This flexibility allows for a personalized and tailored coding environment.Tabby prioritizes security and compliance by offering an open-source codebase.

Users have the opportunity to audit the entire Tabby codebase on GitHub, ensuring transparency and peace of mind when it comes to security concerns. Additionally, users can choose to host their own deployment, giving them full control over their coding environment.Tabby provides a range of resources to support users in getting started and advancing their coding journey.

Its documentation provides comprehensive explanations, tutorials, and a useful playground for experimentation. The Tabby community is accessible through Slack, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among users.To stay updated with Tabby's latest news and developments, users can visit the Tabby blog.

The platform also offers a status page to monitor its uptime. For media-related needs, a media kit is available as well.In summary, Tabby is an open-source, self-hosted AI coding assistant that prioritizes speed, safety, and customization.

It empowers users with an intuitive configuration process and offers a supportive community to enhance their coding experience.


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