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Challenge game for language learning and socializing.
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Taboo AI is a word game that helps in learning English vocabulary and improving wordplay skills in an interactive and fun way. It is powered by AI to facilitate the gameplay experience. The gameplay involves describing the target word while avoiding using any of the taboo words, to make AI guess the target word, stimulating players to think of creative ways to describe the target word.

**Key Features**

Play Public Topics: Engage with diverse topics contributed by players globally. Go through a wide range of subjects and enjoy the variety offered by the global player community.

Play AI-Generated Topics: If you don’t like public topics, then check out topics created by artificial intelligence for a unique gaming experience.

Contribute New Topics: Join as a contributor and share your creativity with players worldwide. Your topics will be played by Taboo AI enthusiasts across the globe, adding your personal touch to the gaming experience.

Hall of Fame: For those who seek competition, the Hall of Fame displays the top scorer for each public topic. So you can compete against other players to see who can reach the highest score.

Comprehensive AI Evaluations: As this is an educational game, your performance will be carefully evaluated by AI. AI will assess the clue quality in terms of creativity, grammar and sentence structures, and the word choices. Our AI can even provide feedbacks on how to improve and give examples.

Profile with game statistics: Access your game history, statistics, and manage your profile settings with ease. Stay updated on your gaming journey and track your progress effortlessly.

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Taboo AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 6th 2023.

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Pros and Cons


Challenges players' knowledge
Daily challenges available
Leaderboard competition
Customizable word lists
Quality of clues considered
Penalizes cheats
Difficulty levels adjustable
Mobile-friendly view
Result page improvements
Timer feature available
Built with Next.JS
Feedback form available
Community on Discord
Frequent updates and releases
Privacy policy provided
Cookie policy information
User scores recovery
Information about new features
Release roadmap available
Developed by Li Yuxuan
Performance-based scoring
Informativeness considered
Creativity rewarded
Timer becomes red after 100s
Time score inversely linear
Result page foldable
Share results functionality
Informative scoring criteria
Penalizes inadequate clues
Topic selection available
Excellent for language learning
Scoring weighted by difficulty
Timer warns after 50s
Can compete with friends


Scoring biases towards clue quality
Over-complicated scoring system
Timed performance can lower score
Results page layout issues
Custom word list creation
No multi-language support
Requires constant internet connection
Has ads and in-app purchases


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Can players customize the game experience in Taboo.AI?
How does Taboo.AI penalize players attempting to cheat?
How does the result page in Taboo.AI appear on mobile?
What is the alert feature on the timer of Taboo.AI?
Does Taboo.AI have a privacy and cookie policy?
Where can I provide feedback for Taboo.AI?
Who developed Taboo.AI and what technologies power it?
Can I compete with friends on the leaderboard in Taboo.AI?
What's included in Taboo.AI's Daily Challenge?
Can I create my own word list in Taboo.AI?
What's the road map for Taboo.AI's new features?
What changes have been made in Taboo.AI's scoring system in the updated version?
How is the time score calculated based on time taken in Taboo.AI?
Is there a community for Taboo.AI players that I can join?

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