Meeting summaries 2023-01-16
Summarizing notes during remote meetings.
Generated by ChatGPT

Tactiq is a Chrome extension that provides real-time transcription for Google Meet, Zoom, and MS Teams meetings. The tool uses OpenAI ChatGPT to generate a meeting summary, action items, and agenda.

Tactiq allows speaker identification, screensharing, and transcript sharing. The tool has been downloaded over 300,000 times and has hundreds of reviews.

Tactiq also provides integrations with various tools such as Google Docs, Slack, and Confluence.Tactiq's main features include real-time transcription, speaker identification, and chatGPT summary.

The tool provides engagement analytics and saves time by transcribing meetings while allowing users to stay present and not miss important information.

Tactiq enables users to share the transcript and summary with others after the meeting is finished. The tool ensures secure conversations and protects sensitive information by using high-grade encryption.Tactiq has been endorsed by numerous users, including Product Managers, Leadership Coaches, and Project Managers, who have found it to be a valuable productivity tool.

The tool has also been recognized as a Google Cloud technology partner. Tactiq has a pricing plan, integrations, and resources on its website. In conclusion, Tactiq is an efficient tool that can assist in taking notes and summarizing important insights during online meetings.

Tactiq was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Supports multiple meeting platforms
Uses ChatGPT for summarizing
Speaker identification feature
Secure high-grade encryption
Real-time meeting transcriptions
Screensharing capability
Transcript sharing after meetings
Popular with 300,000+ downloads
Integrations with Google Docs, Slack, Confluence
Allows staying present in meetings
Reputable Google Cloud technology partner
Valuable for various professions
Comprehensive resources on website
Generates action items, agendas
Bot-free solution
Engagement analytics provided
Integration with popular productivity tools
Recognized by global organizations
Accurate speaker identification
Generates high-quality meeting summaries
Notes saved in preferred tools
Officially recognized Google Cloud partner
Endorsed by users worldwide
Standalone real-time transcript
Safe handling of sensitive data
Doesn't store audio of meetings
Transcript displayed for initiator only
Can notify participants about transcription
Supports multi-lingual meetings


Chrome extension only
Limited to specific platforms
Unable to transcription adjustments
Potential privacy concerns
Possible inaccuracy in transcription
No offline capabilities
Dependent on internet speed
Doesn't support all languages
Requires continuous software updates
Limited to Google Cloud


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How does Tactiq integrate with Google Docs, Slack, and Confluence?
Can Tactiq transcribe meetings from Google Meet, Zoom, and MS Teams?
How does Tactiq ensure secure conversations?
Can Tactiq share the meeting transcript and summary after the meeting has finished?
What is the scope of Tactiq's engagement analytics?
How can Tactiq assist in taking notes during online meetings?
Can Tactiq be used for transcribing team meetings and customer meetings?
What do real users and reviewers say about Tactiq?
What kind of recognition has Tactiq garnered as a productivity tool?
Who are some notable users or companies that endorse Tactiq?
Does Tactiq have a specific pricing plan?
Are transcripts from Tactiq ready to be shared after meetings?
What are some use cases where Tactiq is particularly useful?
How does Tactiq gather data and protect user privacy?
How popular is Tactiq among businesses and organizations?
Does Tactiq support other languages besides English for its transcription service?


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