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3D character creation for industries. [INCORRECT]
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Tafi Avatar is an AI tool that offers a Text-to-3D Character Engine, allowing users to create custom 3D characters easily and quickly. The tool boasts speed as one of its main features, providing a fast way to generate these characters.

It offers a user-friendly experience, enabling users to create, edit, and undo their work seamlessly. No prior experience in 3D is required to get started, making it accessible to both beginners and experts.The tool provides a vast library of millions of premium 3D assets created by experts, ensuring high-quality results.

It also allows for exporting to game engines and 3D software with native rigs, UVs, and clean topology, among other features. The creators of Tafi Avatar emphasize the ethical aspect of their tool, with artists opting-in for their content to be used and being compensated accordingly.The tool aims to jumpstart users' creativity by offering a quick and efficient solution for generating unique 3D characters.

It supports popular applications like Unreal Engine, Unity, Max, Maya, Blender, Omniverse, and Daz Studio.With 20 years of expertise in simplifying 3D, Tafi Avatar aims to build the world's most powerful character engine.

Users can register to join the private beta and get started with the tool, which promises to be a valuable resource for character creation in various industries.

Tafi was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 8th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Text-to-3D character engine
Quick character generation
User-friendly interface
No prior 3D experience needed
Massive library of 3D assets
Exporting with native rigs, UVs
Clean topology
Ethical use of artist content
Compatibility with popular applications
Private beta access
Encourages creativity
Optimized for various 3D software
Efficient prototype creation
Support multiple character variations
Facilitates natural language prompts
Renders multiple characters quickly
Interoperable content library
Detailed, structured data support
20 years of expertise
Optimized for both beginners and experts


No multi-platform support
Library opt-in might limit options
Limited to text-input only
Beta access uncertainty
No direct customer support
Lack of detailed documentation
No specific hardware compatibility information
Unclear asset licensing rules
Limited languages support
No free trial mentioned


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