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Automated logo design for business or brand.
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Tailor Brands' AI Logo Maker is an automated logo design tool that helps people quickly create unique logos for their business or brand. It is designed to be user-friendly and simple to use, with no need for design skills.

After providing business details and selecting a logo style, the AI algorithm creates a selection of unique logos in less than a minute. The user can then customize the fonts, icons, and colors and download a high-resolution file of the design.The logo maker also provides access to a full design studio, where users can find a range of logo resources, including hundreds of logo variations, high-resolution logo files, social media formats, branded assets, and additional business tools.

The AI algorithm matches fonts and colors and analyzes current design trends to create beautiful logos.Tailor Brands is trusted by millions of businesses, with customers praising its ease of use and ability to quickly bring their business idea to life.

Customer support is also available for any questions or technical help.


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Sep 13, 2023
An easy tool for generate Logos or ideas. This AI provide you a Logo taking notes about your business. It gives you a lot of options and variants of the same logo idea. And it seems to no cost. recommended

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Pros and Cons


Quick logo generation
No design skills required
Customizable logo elements
High-resolution download
Full design studio access
Logo style selection
Automation of font and color matching
Trend analysis for designs
Available Customer Support
Access to logo resources
Creation of social media formats
Offering of branded assets
Provision of additional business tools
Facility of changing logos after downloading
Full commercial rights on logos
Design studio for logo customization
Free logo making with low-resolution version
Trademarking service for logos
Logo customization guidance provided
Business tool integration
Multi-language support


Limited customization options
No in-editor undo option
Restricted color palette
Fewer icon options
No collaboration feature
Requires subscription for download
High-resolution files are not free
Only English language support
Limited shapes for logo design


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What file format do I receive my logo in?
What makes the logos from Tailor Brands unique?
Can I use the Tailor Brands tool if I don't have design skills?
Is Tailor Brands a free tool?
Does Tailor Brands analyze current design trends in its logo making process?
How are fonts and colors matched in the Tailor Brands tool?
Can I create multiple versions of my logo on Tailor Brands?
Does Tailor Brands only design logos?
Can I form an LLC through Tailor Brands?
How user friendly is the Tailor Brands interface?
How can I download my logo from Tailor Brands?
Can I access other business tools from Tailor Brands?
Does Tailor Brands offer social media formats of the logo?
What is the Tailor Brands' full design studio?
Can I edit my logo after downloading it from Tailor Brands?

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