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Optimized team workflows and productivity management.
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Tailor by Threads is an AI tool that helps teams manage their workflows by optimizing their time and productivity. It is designed to work alongside the Threads app, which was built to replace outdated tools in the modern workplace.

Tailor can be customized to run a prompt on chat messages, summarize key action items, and detail post-mortems. The AI's proactive summaries are triggered automatically, allowing users to decide whether to dig deeper or focus on other tasks.

Tailor also has voice chat functionality that is capable of recording calls and providing automatic meeting notes along with a custom prompt over the transcript.

The tool is intended to help teams triage faster, separate essential notifications from less critical ones, and create customized prompts for each specific task.

Writing prompts can be saved for future reference and provide users with greater freedom to streamline their workflows. Overall, Tailor aims to improve team productivity by optimizing team communication, decluttering notifications, and increasing efficiency.


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Pros and Cons


Optimizes team workflows
Automated proactive summaries
Transcribes voice chats
Provides automatic meeting notes
Custom prompt over transcripts
Helps triage faster
Saves writing prompts
Separates essential notifications
Customized prompts for tasks
Designed for modern teams
Integrates with Threads app
Improves team productivity
Streamlines team communication
Declutters notifications
Increases efficiency
Allows decision-making on tasks
Voice chat functionality
Optimizes time
Summarizes chat messages
Details post-mortem actions
Saves users' time
Cuts through noise


Dependent on Threads app
Automatic triggers may disrupt
Transcription accuracy unclear
Specific task customization complexity
No standalone functionality
Limited to team use
May cause notification clutter
Voice chat clarity depending
Chat selection process not clear


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