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Talenter is an AI-powered platform designed to enhance professional profiles and improve job search success. It offers features that help users create standout profiles by highlighting their skills, experience, and achievements, effectively captivating recruiters.

Talenter comes with both a freemium and premium tier, allowing users to choose the option that best suits their needs. The freemium tier includes basic profile creation, limited profile views, AI chatbot interaction, and privacy protection.

On the other hand, the premium tier offers unlimited profile views, advanced search and filtering options, insights into candidate interactions, and priority support.

This tool has been highly regarded by professionals, as evidenced by testimonials from satisfied users. Claire Bell, a designer, thanks Talenter for helping her land the best job of her life, as it provided a comprehensive space to showcase all her work and achievements.

Francisco Lane, an HR professional, mentions how Talenter transformed his job search experience by consolidating all his work and success in one place, allowing him to present his skills and accomplishments seamlessly.

Ralph Fisher, a marketer, praises Talenter for making the process of finding the perfect job a breeze, as it enabled him to showcase his complete professional journey.

Finally, Jorge Murphy, an engineer, credits Talenter for revolutionizing how he presented himself to potential employers, giving him the confidence to display his expertise and track record in one cohesive profile.Overall, Talenter offers a robust AI-powered platform that helps professionals maximize their chances of career success by improving their profiles and showcasing their skills to recruiters.


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Jul 25, 2023
The homepage has some spiffy looking screenshots, but signing up just takes you to a clunky profile page with a few prefab questions you can select that check your LinkedIn profile for answers. Questions along the lines of how many years you've worked. I'm not finding anything actually useful or usable. Of note, the login button has you submit an email and LinkedIn profile name and seemingly creates a new "profile" on their site each time. There are no actual accounts to log into from what I can tell.

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Talenter was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Enhances professional profiles
Improves job search success
Freemium and premium tiers
Basic profile creation
Limited profile views
Privacy protection
Unlimited profile views (Premium)
Advanced search and filtering (Premium)
Insights into candidate interactions (Premium)
Priority support (Premium)
Highly regarded by professionals
Transforms job search experience
Showcases complete professional journey
Confidence to display expertise
Professional skills presentation
Achievements highlight
Maximize career success chances
Trusted by various businesses
Consolidated work display
User testimonials availability
Experienced product tiers
Boosts career with standout resumes
Tracks record in one profile
Available to try for free


Limited views in Freemium tier
No mobile app mentioned
No offline mode specified
No resume templates
Insufficient data privacy details
JavaScript required
Lacks integration with job portals
No free trial for Premium
No real-time collaborative editing
Lacks candidate matching system


What is Talenter?
What differentiates Talenter from other job search platforms?
What are the features of Talenter?
How does Talenter use AI to enhance user profiles?
Who should use Talenter?
What is the difference between the freemium and premium tiers in Talenter?
What benefits come with the premium tier of Talenter?
What services does Talenter's freemium tier offer?
How does Talenter protect user privacy?
How can Talenter help me find a job more efficiently?
How do I create a profile on Talenter?
What is AI chatbot interaction on Talenter?
How does Talenter highlight user skills, experience, and achievements?
How have professionals benefitted from using Talenter?
Can Talenter provide insights into candidate interactions?
Do I get priority support with Talenter's premium tier?
How has Talenter transformed the job search process for professionals?
Is Talenter suitable for all professionals?
How can I get started with Talenter?
What is the potential of Talenter's premium tier?

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