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Instantly create customized illustrated storybooks.
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KiddyStories Tales Factory is an AI-powered storytelling platform that enables users to create personalized stories with fully illustrated artwork and narration in seconds.

Using the platform, users can create their own stories from scratch or browse through stories from the community. KiddyStories Tales Factory offers a library of templates and themes that can be customized to the user's preference, including the protagonist's name, gender, and characteristics, setting, and plot.

The platform also offers a variety of illustrations, music, and voices to choose from. Once the story is complete, it can be downloaded as an ebook or printed as a physical book.

KiddyStories Tales Factory is available on the web and mobile, and users can log in with their Google or Twitter accounts. The platform also offers feedback and support on its GitHub, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages.


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Nov 17, 2023
Not free. Only a few credits are provided for free after signing up.

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Pros and Cons


Customizable story templates
Variety of illustrations
Music options
Voice options
Ebook or physical book
Web and mobile availability
Google and Twitter login
Community stories to browse
Protagonist customization
Setting customization
Plot customization
Github support
LinkedIn support
Twitter support
Public stories access
Feedback submission


Limited login options
Restrictive customization options
Web and mobile only
Limited voice options
Possibly limited plot templates
No automated proofreading feature
Limited music options
No offline usage
Limited language options
No multi-device synchronization


What is KiddyStories Tales Factory?
How does KiddyStories Tales Factory work?
What types of stories can I create with KiddyStories Tales Factory?
Can I customize my story characters with KiddyStories Tales Factory?
How can I use music and voices in my KiddyStories Tales Factory story?
Where can I access KiddyStories Tales Factory?
Can I log in to KiddyStories Tales Factory with my Google or Twitter account?
What does the finished product of a KiddyStories Tales Factory story look like?
Can a KiddyStories Tales Factory story be physically printed?
Can I browse stories from other users in KiddyStories Tales Factory?
What kinds of artwork are available on KiddyStories Tales Factory?
How quickly can I create a story with KiddyStories Tales Factory?
Is there a feedback system for KiddyStories Tales Factory?
Can I customize the setting and plot in KiddyStories Tales Factory?
What is the purpose of the templates and themes in KiddyStories Tales Factory?
How does the narration feature work in KiddyStories Tales Factory?
Does KiddyStories Tales Factory have a mobile application?
What support is offered for KiddyStories Tales Factory?
Where can I download my finished story from KiddyStories Tales Factory?
Can I share my KiddyStories Tales Factory stories publicly?

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