Interactive storytelling for parents and children.

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TalesAI is an AI-powered tool that helps parents create unique bedtime stories for their children. It aims to nurture children's imagination, creativity, empathy, and language skills by introducing them to new words, sentence structures, different cultures, and traditions.

Parents can create a story from scratch by choosing the characters, magical objects, and places for the tale or include their child's name/nickname for a more customized story.

The AI-powered Genie generates a story in a matter of seconds that can be saved for later or enjoyed on the spot. TalesAI offers a 7-day free trial and two payment plans, monthly and yearly, for U$9,99/month.

The company offers a launch deal for a limited time that includes unlimited tales, new characters, new places, and soon will include different languages.

The tool can be a special bonding time for parents and children as it helps children develop a love for reading and storytelling while also providing a calming and relaxing activity.

Overall, TalesAI is a useful tool that can assist parents in teaching their children valuable skills while enjoying magical adventures together.


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