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Creating customized bedtime stories with ease.
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TalesTime is an AI-powered storytelling platform that allows users to create their own custom bedtime stories. With a simple user interface, users can quickly create stories with their own imaginations, allowing AI to do the hard work.

Free tales are typically delivered in 24-48 hours, while paid tales are delivered in 10-15 minutes. TalesTime offers three tiers of services: a free tier, a Starter tier with 5 tales for $4, and a Premium tier with unlimited tales for a flat rate of $6 per month.

The Premium tier also includes downloads of all tales as pdfs and email/chat support. With over 2000 tales created and counting, TalesTime is an innovative platform that encourages users to dream and explore their imaginations with AI.


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Pros and Cons


Customized bedtime stories
Simple user interface
Fast delivery for paid tales
Affordable pricing tiers
Premium tier with unlimited tales
Includes email/chat support
PDF downloads of all tales
Over 2000 tales created
Sharable URLs for all tales
Priority in queue for paying customers
No commitment requirement
Platform encourages imagination
Option to start for free
Complimentary email support in Starter tier
Multi-language interface


No mobile app
Delayed free story delivery
No offline access
No voice narration features
No free trial for premium
Limited customization options
Pricing not competitive
Limited language options
No collaborative writing feature


What is TalesTime?
How do I use TalesTime to create my own stories?
How long does it take to get my tale from TalesTime?
What is the difference between the free, Starter, and Premium tiers in TalesTime?
How many tales can I create in the Starter tier of TalesTime?
What is the cost of the Premium tier in TalesTime?
Does TalesTime offer support through chat or email?
How does TalesTime use AI to create stories?
Can I download my tale from TalesTime as a pdf?
Does TalesTime offer any services for free?
How does the tale queue work in TalesTime for free users?
Can TalesTime create a story from any genre?
What is the procedure if I don't like the tale created by TalesTime?
How many tales has TalesTime created till now?
Does TalesTime deliver tales faster if I pay?
Can I share the URL of my tale from TalesTime with others?
How can I cancel my subscription from TalesTime?
Where can I find example tales in TalesTime?
What services do I get in the Starter pack of TalesTime?
How will I receive my tale from TalesTime?

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