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Practice multilingual speaking and listening skills.
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TalkMe is an AI language learning tool that helps users practice their speaking and listening skills in various languages, including English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish.

Designed specifically for those who need to prepare for standardized tests like IELTS and TOEFL or those planning to study or immigrate abroad, TalkMe boasts of having AI teachers who appear as real human images that come with unique voices and personalities.

Through TalkMe, users can communicate with these AI teachers and practice their spoken English and listening skills anytime and anywhere. The tool also exposes users to different scenarios to prepare them fully for various language-related challenges.

Moreover, TalkMe offers various interesting and dynamic AI teachers with different features, allowing users to make their learning experience more fun.Aside from helping users communicate with different people of varying accents and speaking styles, TalkMe promises to help people say goodbye to social anxiety and build their confidence.

The tool removes the embarrassment and awkwardness typically associated with practicing with real people as TalkMe's AI language partners are reliable and trustworthy.

Overall, TalkMe seeks to provide rich and colorful topic practice scenarios that make learning a new language or improving language skills more enjoyable and accessible to a global audience.


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Pros and Cons


Multilingual support
Unique voices and personalities
Practise anytime anywhere
Exposure to real life scenarios
Preparation for language tests
Helps build communication skills
Overcomes social anxiety
Reliable language partners
Rich and colourful practice scenarios
Caters to global audience
User friendly
Compatible with multiple languages
Constantly access to teachers
Removes speaking embarrassment
Boosts self-confidence
Address different accents
Distinctive teaching style
Tailored learning experience
Cultural understanding
Gamified language learning


Limited to few languages
Focused on test preparation
No real-human interaction
No custom topic setting
Potentially addictive
Time zone issues
Limited teacher personalities
No offline mode
No iOS app


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Why does TalkMe say goodbye to social anxiety in language learning?
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How accessible is TalkMe for a global audience?
Can TalkMe help me communicate with people who have different accents and speaking styles?
What kinds of rich and colorful topic practice scenarios does TalkMe offer?

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