Voice memos 2023-08-11
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Turn your thoughts into actionable notes.
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The #1 AI. voice note-taking app!

Turn hours of note-taking into minutes. Just speak, and let the AI transcribe, clean up and structure your voice.

Create clean transcripts, blog posts, video scripts & more. And it works in 50+ languages!

It's super easy to use:

"The quality of the transcriptions is fantastic and require virtually no rework. Compared to incomparably more expensive professional transcription tools, the results are dimensions better."
-- Thomas

"This is really great app and a huge time-saver. I like that the emails are in my personal style unlike other ai apps where they are really formulaic"
-- Pier

So go on, give TalkNotes a try and let your voice do the talking while we do the writing!
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Pros and Cons


Works in 50+ languages
Creates different content types
Offers editing & organizing options
Supports multiple use cases
Caters to global users
Free trial available
Real-time transcription
Enhances meeting productivity
Facilitates educational notes
Provides live chat support
Email support available
API availability for integration
Supports brainstorming sessions
Simplifies content creation process
Useful for journaling
Advanced transcription for interviews
Caters to personal, business, educational needs
Allows for transcription flexibility
Express feelings, ideas without typing
Capture and organize thoughts
Facilitate content creation for marketing
Quick process: record, choose style, edit
Possibility to upload own audio files
Tailor content and transcript as needed
Requires internet connectivity
Ability to tag and categorize notes
Transcriptions customizable to user's style
High accuracy rate in transcription
Handles casual and formal speech
Allows editable transcripts
Useful for bloggers, writers, researchers
Converts lectures into clean notes
Simple voice-to-text conversion
Efficient document assistant


Requires internet connection
Working with files limited
Specific speech clarity needed
Influenced by background noise
Limited language support (50)
Free trial, then pay
Support only through live chat or email
Relies on user accuracy edits


What is TalkNotes?
How to start using TalkNotes?
How does TalkNotes transcribe voice memos?
What languages does TalkNotes support?
Can TalkNotes be used for content creation?
Can TalkNotes be used to document personal journeys?
Is it possible to edit content in TalkNotes?
What are the different styles available in TalkNotes?
How does TalkNotes handle pauses and mistakes while speaking?
Does TalkNotes offer a free trial?
How accurate is the voice-to-text conversion in TalkNotes?
What kind of content can I create using TalkNotes?
Can TalkNotes be used for recording and transcribing meetings?
Does TalkNotes require an internet connection to work?
How do I contact support if I need help with TalkNotes?
Is there an API available for TalkNotes?
Who can use TalkNotes?
Can I use TalkNotes to convert lectures into organized notes?
Can TalkNotes be integrated into other applications?
What are the requirements for using TalkNotes?


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