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Converting your audio and videos to text in 40+ languages.
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Taption is a technologically advanced AI tool that offers a wide range of services centered around the conversion of audio or video content into written form.

It is capable of generating transcripts of audio or video files, making it a useful tool for creating accurate documentation of meetings, conferences, or any spoken-word content.

This conversion is not limited to a single language, but has multilingual capabilities, enhancing its utility across different markets. Furthermore, Taption is equipped to craft subtitles for video content, providing added accessibility options for audiences.

Its functionality extends to creating bilingual subtitles, a feature that opens up avenues for content sharing across different language-speaking communities without losing context or meaning.

Another significant feature of Taption is its automatic translation service for the generated transcripts. This aspect not only aids in content localization but permits seamless communication across varied linguistic landscapes.

Beyond its multilanguage features, Taption also stands out for its ability to label speakers within a transcript, adding another layer of contextual understanding for users.

Its offerings drive efficiency and accessibility in content creation and distribution, proving it a valuable tool for enterprises, content creators, and individuals alike.

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Taption was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 24th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Audio and video to text
Supports 40+ languages
Creates bilingual subtitles
Labels speakers in transcripts
Translates transcripts
Adds captions to videos
Converts audio to video
Supports team collaboration
Exports transcripts in multiple formats
Offers pay-as-you-go pricing
Premium subscription available
Bulk subscription available
Generates speakers labeled transcripts
Enables content localization
Assists in accessibility
Useful for documentation
Content creation aid
Useful for content distribution
Valuable for enterprises
Helps content creators
Enhances user understanding
Seamless multilanguage communication
Comes with automatic translation
Embedded bilingual subtitles creation
Free registration
Offers 60 minutes credit
Offers 120 minutes credit
Offers 1000 minutes credit
25% discount on hourly purchases
63% discount on hourly purchases
Enables sharing of minutes
Provides institutional download receipts
Added contextual understanding in transcripts


Limited language support
No free usage tier
Expensive for heavy usage
Limited collaboration tools
No direct audio recording feature
No real-time transcribing feature
No offline functionality
No app version


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Does Taption offer discounts on hourly purchases?
How many minutes' worth of credit is offered in Taption's pricing models?
How does Taption contribute to content accessibility?
Can Taption aid in content distribution?
Can Taption facilitate content creation?
What services offered by Taption prove useful for enterprises?
How can individuals benefit from Taption's services?
How do I register to use Taption's services?

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