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Converts speech and video to text in multiple languages.
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Taption is an AI-enabled technology platform that converts audio and video into text in 40+ languages. It provides a suite of services that include creating bilingual subtitles videos, speakers labeled transcripts for meetings, and translations for transcripts.

The platform also allows users to add captions or subtitles to their video, translate into 50+ languages, label speakers for audio files, convert audio to video, collaborate with teams, and export transcripts in multiple formats.

Taption offers an affordable pricing model which includes a pay-as-you-go option, a premium subscription, and a bulk subscription. The pay-as-you-go option provides a credit of 60 minutes, while the premium subscription provides 120 minutes credit and a 25% discount on hourly purchases.

The bulk subscription offers 1000 minutes credit, 63% discount on hourly purchases, the ability to share minutes with users, and the ability to download receipts with the institution name and tax ID.


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Taption was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 24th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Transcribes in 40+ languages
Creates bilingual subtitle videos
Labels speakers in recordings
Allows adding captions/subtitles
Translates into 50+ languages
Converts audio to video
Supports team collaboration
Exports transcripts in multiple formats
Affordable pricing models
Premium subscription offers discount
Bulk subscription offers higher discount
Free trial available
Supports various media file types
Automatic transcription feature
Translation uses side-by-side comparison
Supports burned-in multi-language subtitles
Allows for commercial use
Editable transcript sharing
Receipts with institution name and tax ID
Can share minutes with users
Configurable user permissions
Supports both pay as you go and subscription models
Allows credit carryover for subscriptions
Discounts on bulk purchases
Ability to convert audio recordings to videos with subtitles
Video editing by editing text
Transcription from YouTube, Google Drive, and Zoom
Minutes valid until subscription canceled
Highlighted text editor


No offline functionality
No free trial mentioned
No dedicated app
Limited language options
Premium model required for additional features
Non-customizable UI
Limited export formats
No direct integration with social media
No high-volume enterprise plans
No 24/7 customer support


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Does Taption provide speaker labeling for audio files?
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What is the cost of using Taption services?
How many minutes of transcription do I get with the pay-as-you-go option?
How much discount does the premium subscription offer on hourly purchases?
What additional services do I get with the bulk subscription in Taption?
How can I share minutes with other users on Taption?
How does collaboration with teams work on Taption?
Can I add captions to videos using Taption?
Is there a free trial for Taption?
In what formats can I export transcripts from Taption?
What is the Taption AI dictionary?
How do I edit a transcript in Taption?
Can Taption convert audio files into videos?
Can Taption translate video content into other languages?
Do I get a receipt with my institution name and tax ID with the bulk subscription?
Can I manage user permissions on Taption?
Which file types can I upload to Taption for transcription?

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