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Scaled product delivery with ROI tracking for teams.
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Tara AI is a product delivery platform that helps engineering and product teams maximize engineering impact and scale product delivery for better customer outcomes.

It unifies and enriches engineering activity with no changes to existing workflows. Teams can gain visibility by connecting issue tracking and Git source control to get real-time insights and alerts on delivery.

This makes it easier to optimize existing team output, deliver faster with improved visibility, and prioritize initiatives that deliver customer value.

Tara AI aggregates and reconciles performance data at the team and project level, providing notifications and visibility into delivery. It also helps engineering leaders measure ROI and customer impact in real-time by tying engineering effort to customer value.

Tara AI is used by engineering teams to reduce cycle times by up to 65%, improve engineering efficiency and customer delivery, and view impact at the feature and project level.


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Tara AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 20th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Scaled product delivery
ROI tracking for teams
Enhances engineering impact
Unifies engineering activity
Compatible with existing workflows
Real-time insights and alerts
Improves delivery visibility
Prioritizes customer value initiatives
Performance data aggregation
Real-time customer impact measurement
Reduces cycle times
Improves engineering efficiency
Viewable feature and project impact
Delivery epics & requirements
Issues linked to requirements
Auto-run cycles
Eliminates risks and blockers
Aligns project scope
Prioritizes team's focus
Bi-weekly task tracking
Daily stand-ups by team
Github sync
Slack app
Switch from Trello
Import from Asana
Helps maximize engineering impact
Optimizes team output
Improves delivery speed
Improves infrastructure visibility
Insightful metrics on delivery


Limited third-party integrations
No mobile application
Mandatory Github sync
Doesn't support non-Git platforms
Lacks customization options
No real-time collaboration features
Only focuses on engineering teams
No user access level control
Lacks advanced issue tracking
Lacks comprehensive documentation


What is Tara AI?
How does Tara AI help in product delivery?
How can Tara AI improve engineering efficiency?
What is the benefit of Tara AI unifying and enriching engineering activity?
How does Tara AI tracking help me understand team performance?
Can Tara AI help in providing real-time insight on delivery?
How does Tara AI measure ROI and customer impact in real-time?
What does it mean to optimize team output with Tara AI?
How can Tara AI help in reducing cycle times?
Does Tara AI support integrations with other tools like Github, Slack, Trello, and Asana?
Can I view impact at feature and project level using Tara AI?
How does Tara AI support in defining requirements and linking them to issues?
How does Tara AI help in prioritizing team's focus?
Is it possible to run stand-ups by team using Tara AI?
What visibility does Tara AI provide on engineering operations?
How does Tara AI assist in aligning on project scope?
What tracking features does Tara AI provide?
Can Tara AI inform me about stale or blocked PRs?
How does Tara AI help in making routines around product delivery more productive?
Can Tara AI assist in managing tasks and tracking progress?

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