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Optimize software engineering with AI.
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Tara AI is an artificial intelligence tool built for software engineering teams and businesses meant to measure, optimize, and act on performance metrics.

Engineered to improve efficiency, it provides real-time visibility into the software development cycle without disrupting existing workflows. The platform seamlessly connects issue tracking and Git source control systems, delivering alerts on delivery progress.

This allows business teams to stay updated on the status and health of their projects, ensuring they are on track to fulfill their deliverables. Tara AI also offers features such as engineering analytics, task prioritization, and bi-weekly tracking.

For engineering teams, it provides functionalities like running cycles on autopilot, eliminating risks and blockers, creating epics, and linking requirements to issues.

To ensure seamless collaboration, Tara AI also integrates with other popular tools including Github, Slack, Trello, and Asana. With Tara AI, teams can optimize their output, prioritize initiatives that offer the most customer value, and improve their delivery timelines.


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Tara AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 20th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Maximizes engineering impact
Enhances product delivery
No workflow changes needed
Issue tracking integration
Git source control connectivity
Real-time insights and alerts
Optimizes team output
Improves delivery visibility
Helps prioritize valuable initiatives
Aggregate performance data
Efficient project level notifications
Measures ROI in real-time
Links engineering effort to customer value
Reduces cycle times
Supports task prioritization
Includes bi-weekly tracking
Enables creating and tracking epics
Links requirements to issues
Runs cycles on autopilot
Eliminates risks and blockers
Integrates with Github, Slack, Trello, Asana
Supports asynchronous stand-ups
Aligns on project scope
Allows engineering analytics
Delivers efficient customer outcomes
Provides detailed engineering metrics
Real-time visibility into operations
Active syncing with used tools
Delivers real-time insights and alerts
Tracks completed tasks
Understand stale or blocked PRs
Offers customizable tracking periods
Improves remote team efficiency
Measures engineering performance
Accelerates product releases
Reduces meeting frequency


No mobile application
Limited integrations available
No native IVR
No offline functionality
Complex to use
No student license
Difficulty with larger teams
No reminder system
Limited task automation


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Does Tara AI have a bi-weekly tracking feature?
How does Tara AI contribute to improved customer outcomes?
How can Tara AI reduce engineering cycle times?
What other tools can Tara AI integrate with?
How does Tara AI improve visibility into delivery?
Can Tara AI link requirements to issues in projects?
What features does Tara AI offer for running cycles on autopilot?
Can Tara AI help in identifying and eliminating project risks and blockers?
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Does Tara AI offer features for engineering analytics?

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