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Rapidly translate video into many languages.
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Targum Video is an AI-based, super-fast video translation service. It allows users to easily translate videos into multiple languages in a matter of seconds.

Using the service involves uploading a video file or providing a link to the video. After which, the service automatically detects the language, transcribes and translates the video, and provides a host for the user.

The service also features trending videos on its homepage and provides a platform for sharing videos across different social media platforms. Furthermore, users can sign up for beta access to access further features.

Targum Video is a reliable and efficient tool for translating videos quickly and accurately.


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Targum Video was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 21st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Super-fast video translation
Supports multiple languages
Detects language automatically
Transcribes and translates videos
Video hosting feature
Features trending videos
Social media sharing
Beta access for extra features
User-friendly interface
Supports video upload
Supports video links
Agreeable terms and conditions
Sends login link via email
Efficient and accurate translation
Specializes in social media videos
Translation in seconds


Upload only, no live translation
No offline functionality
Doesn't support transcription editing
Limited social media sharing
No API mentioned
Lacks privacy details
Audio quality dependency
Only video translation
Beta access required for features
No multi-user support


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Does Targum Video transcribe videos?
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What added benefits do I get if I sign up for beta access on Targum Video?
Does Targum Video host the translated video for me?
Why do I have to agree with terms and conditions before using Targum Video?
How can I create an account on Targum Video?
Do I have to login to Targum Video before using it?
What does the Targum Video's dashboard look like?
Where can I watch the demo of Targum Video?
Can I drop a video file directly to Targum Video for translation?
How does the 'magic link' work on Targum Video?
What is the 'state of the art AI' that Targum Video uses?
What kind of videos does Targum Video feature on its homepage?
How accurate is the translation service of Targum Video?
Will Targum Video notify me when the translation is complete?
How does Targum Video auto-detect the language of the videos?

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