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Taskheat AI Assistant
Task flow generation and management.

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Taskheat is a task management app designed for macOS, iPadOS, and iOS devices. It allows users to link and visualize their to-do lists through an innovative flowchart feature, providing a comprehensive overview of their tasks.

Users can manage complex relationships by creating, modifying, and deleting existing links. The app also enables users to tag their tasks, assign color-coded tags, and receive notifications when any of their tasks are due.

Taskheat also has a unique feature that allows users to delegate tasks to third parties who have the expertise to solve them without interfering with actual tasks.Taskheat AI Assistant is an artificial intelligence-based tool that helps build a task flow by generating tasks based on existing input.

It is available for Mac, iPad, and iPhone devices and has a beta-version status, which may be subject to change regarding its availability, content, and pricing in future releases.

Taskheat is a free-to-try application that offers a two-week trial period to evaluate the app and decide whether it fits the user's needs. It is a single purchase for all versions and not a subscription-based model.

The Full Version price varies depending on the user's region and currency. Taskheat uses cookies to personalize the user's experience and has a Privacy Policy that users should review before using the app.

Taskheat AI Assistant was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 14th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Visualizes to-do lists
Manages complex relationships
Task color-coding
Due task notifications
Delegation of tasks
Task generation based on input
Available on Mac, iPad, iPhone
Two-week free trial
Single purchase for all versions
Privacy policy
Supports multiple languages
Universal purchase
One-time payment
No subscription
Flowchart or list views
Tag assignments for tasks
Automatic task list updates
MacOS, iPadOS, and iOS compatibility
Beta-version availability


Only available on Apple devices
Still in beta version
Functionality subject to change
Prices vary region-to-region
Requires MacOS 11.0, iOS 15
Uses cookies
No subscription model
Free version only for 2 weeks
Delegation to third parties needed


What is Taskheat AI Assistant?
What devices is Taskheat compatible with?
What features does Taskheat AI Assistant offer for task management?
How does the flowchart feature in Taskheat work?
What is the mechanism for managing complex relationships between tasks in Taskheat?
Can I delegate tasks to a third party using Taskheat?
How can I personalize my tasks in Taskheat?
In what languages is Taskheat available?
Is Taskheat a subscription-based service?
What is the pricing model for Taskheat?
Why is Taskheat in a beta-version status?
With Taskheat AI Assistant, can I get reminders for my tasks?
How does Taskheat AI Assistant generate tasks?
What are the system requirements for Taskheat?
Does Taskheat AI Assistant offer a free trial period?
How does Taskheat use cookies?
What is Taskheat's policy in terms of privacy and data usage?
How can I access Taskheat's support services?
Are future changes expected in the Taskheat AI Assistant?
Can I use Taskheat on both my Mac desktop and my iPhone?

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