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Build with AI videos using our developer-first APIs.
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Tavus is a developer-focused AI video research tool that facilitates the creation of AI replicas within applications. Through Tavus easy-to-use APIs, users can generate personalized videos of themselves from text.

This eliminates the need for high-cost, high-complexity recording of studio-grade videos. Tavus also boasts of bypassing traditional methods and generating hyper-realistic talking-head videos with natural face movements and expressions.

Beyond this, Tavus also pays key attention to security and video model handling. In support of a smoother development cycle, Tavus provides comprehensive, easy-to-understand documentation along with responsive support through the build and launch process.

As an AI video tool, Tavus incorporates features like AI voice cloning, AI HD lip sync, unlimited audio variables, dynamic video backgrounds, custom branding, and embeddable CTAs.

This enables more stable and scalable AI video creation. The Tavus APIs can be used across a wide range of industries such as video editing tools, influencer apps, video sales apps, and education sectors among others.

Tavus was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 27th 2022.
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Mar 28, 2024
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Pros and Cons


Developer-first platform
Easy-to-use APIs
Automatic video personalization
Unique voice variables
Ultra-realistic facial cloning
Dynamic video backgrounds
Custom branding
Embeddable CTAs
Increases engagement
Boosts email click-through rates
Increases ROI
Supports one-on-one connections
Scalable video creation
Boosts viewers' purchasing decisions
Natural face movements
Hyper-realistic replicas
Security attention
Comprehensive documentation
Responsive development support
Unlimited audio variables
High-quality video generation
Decreased recording complexity
Various industry applications
Best-in-class documentation
Hands-on support
Generates talking-head videos
Navigable developer pricing
Supports stable builds
Flexible usage
Promotes faster market reach
Provides interactive video previews
Cutting-edge models
Text-to-speech support
Exciting video generation
Optimized for sales and marketing
Integrated with existing channels
Custom landing page builders
Video sales application integration
Workable in education sector
Generative video tools
Better customer journey
Understandable API documentation
User recording personalization
Useful for Influencer Apps
Automation in editing tools
CRM integration


Requires high-speed internet
No offline capabilities
Byproducts unevaluated for realism
Limited support hours
Security details not comprehensive
Requires developer skillset
No multi-language support
Difficult for non-tech users
Voice cloning may sound artificial
No independent user-level control


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How realistic are the videos produced by Tavus?
How does Tavus ensure the security and proper handling of video models?
How user-friendly are the Tavus APIs?
What type of support does Tavus provide during the build and launch process?
What industries can benefit from Tavus's services?
Can Tavus be used for video editing tools?
How is Tavus employed in the education sector?
How does Tavus help in increasing viewers' decisions to purchase?
What is AI HD lip sync in Tavus?
How does Tavus's feature of unlimited audio variables work?
What type of custom branding options do Tavus provide?
How can I embed CTAs in Tavus?
What is dynamic video backgrounds in Tavus?
What kind of native integrations does Tavus support?

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