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Collaboration: threaded conversations, flexible billing.
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Team GPT is an AI tool developed by OpenAI that enhances collaboration within the ChatGPT platform. By using Team GPT, users can participate in threaded conversations and work together more effectively.

The tool allows multiple users to contribute to discussions, making it easier to exchange ideas and information.One of the notable features of Team GPT is its charging system.

Instead of requiring a subscription or upfront payment, users are billed only for the actual usage of the tool. This pay-as-you-go model ensures a flexible and cost-effective solution for collaborative projects.Furthermore, Team GPT offers the option to publicly share conversations conducted within the ChatGPT environment.

This allows users to showcase and disseminate their work, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing within the wider community.With Team GPT, users can benefit from improved communication and collaboration capabilities in the ChatGPT platform.

It offers the opportunity to engage in threaded discussions, facilitating more organized and structured conversations. By being charged based on usage, users have the freedom to adapt their collaboration process to their specific needs and budget.

The option to publicly share conversations encourages open collaboration and wider engagement.


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