Q&A 25 Feb 2023
Teamie AI
Streamlined team support and information search.

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Teamie is an AI-powered chatbot that functions as a virtual assistant for teams in a business setting. It helps teams find information quickly, reducing time wasted on searching for information.

Teamie also offers support for various tasks, such as addressing IT issues or reviewing work done by team members. It also offers a convenient interface for new employees to learn about a company during the onboarding process more effectively.

The chatbot can access an extensive knowledge base from team documentation using 10+ integrations, some of which allow for one-click access to email-based support.

Users can ask questions using natural language, and Teamie will summarize and extract the most relevant information using NLP models. Teamie cites sources where answers are based upon and provides access restrictions for unauthorized personnel.

In summary, Teamie eliminates the burden of answering repetitive questions from employees or responding to IT support tickets. It provides a personalized, efficient, and convenient way to obtain information and support, resulting in increased efficiency and a better employee experience.


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