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Evaluating and screening for efficient tech hiring.
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Tech Vetting by Revelo is a reliable and efficient tool designed to evaluate the skills of technical candidates. Using AI-powered insights and a high-quality test specifically created to assess experience in technical roles, Tech Vetting enables users to quickly identify the most suitable candidates.

This tool allows users to create tech assessments effortlessly, utilizing expert-crafted questions proven effective in over 5,000 developer hires.With Tech Vetting, users can assess candidates' experience and knowledge in both back-end and front-end roles.

It also provides screening evaluations to determine candidate alignment based on factors such as expertise, leadership, problem-solving abilities, motivations, and future goals.What sets Tech Vetting apart is its streamlined assessments, which automate interviews using industry-tested questions, saving significant time.

The tool also eliminates the need for tedious note-taking by recording and transcribing interviews. Tech Vetting's data-driven insights aid in eliminating bias from hiring decisions, enabling users to focus on objective facts.Additionally, Tech Vetting offers cost-effective hiring by minimizing the effort required to create assessments and maximizing time spent in finding the perfect candidate.

Scheduling conflicts are eliminated as assessments can be shared with a single click, anytime and anywhere. The power of AI is harnessed to make faster, smarter hiring decisions.Overall, Tech Vetting is a comprehensive tool for tech hiring that facilitates the evaluation process, provides valuable insights, and helps users find the best tech talent efficiently and effectively.


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Tech Vetting was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 14th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Evaluates technical skills
High-quality tech test
Assess back-end and front-end roles
Screening evaluations
Automated interviews
Industry-tested questions
Hassle-Free Transcript
Record and transcribe interviews
Data-driven insights
Eliminates hiring bias
Cost-effective hiring
Minimized effort in assessment creation
Eliminates scheduling conflicts
Share assessments with one click
Aids fast decision making
Expert-crafted questions
Proven in over 5,000 developer hires
Async assessments
Login and Signup options
100% free usage


No customization of interview questions
Limited to tech roles
Transcription accuracy not specified
Does not facilitate interviews
Limited insights on candidate motivations
No multi-language support
Excludes non-technical skills assessment
No reference to data privacy
No mobile application
No offline functionality


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