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Website and UI builder for rapid prototyping.
Generated by ChatGPT

TeleportHQ is an AI-Powered website and UI builder that uses OpenAI generated code. It enables developers to create websites and website elements with unprecedented speed and precision.

Through TeleportHQ’s Vision API, developers can convert hand-drawn wireframes into digital designs, allowing them to quickly transition from an idea to a fully functioning prototype in minutes.

Users can generate entire websites or individual components and start from ready-made templates, while leveraging the power of AI. Furthermore, TeleportHQ offers a low-code environment to edit and collaborate on code, a Figma plugin for wireframing, and tutorials to learn how to use the platform in under 10 minutes.

Through its AI code generator, Chat GPT, TeleportHQ is revolutionizing the way websites are created.

TeleportHQ was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 27th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Hand-drawn wireframes conversion
Speedy prototyping
Generates entire websites
Generates individual components
Ready-made templates usage
Low-code environment
Code editing capabilities
Code collaboration features
Figma plugin availability
Quick learning curve
Static website templates
Professional website builder
Import Chat GPT code
Help center available
Extensive documentation
From sketch to prototype
Real-time prototype building
Scans sketches real-time
Editable wireframes
Clear surface guidelines
Drawing pattern consistency
Vision API usage
Responsive web design solutions
Design to code solutions
Various site generators
React UI builder
Community support


Limited design flexibility
Lacks advanced code generation
Reliance on Figma for wireframing
Potential learning curve for beginners
Limited low-code editing capabilities
May not suit complex web development
Hand-drawn wireframe to digital limitations
No explicit multi-user collaboration features


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How can I edit code collaboratively in TeleportHQ?
What is the use of the Figma plugin in TeleportHQ?
How do I use ready-made templates in TeleportHQ?
How to turn hand-drawn wireframes into digital designs with TeleportHQ?
How to use the AI code generator to create entire websites or UI components?
What kind of websites can be generated using TeleportHQ?
What are the features of the professional website builder of TeleportHQ?
How can I import code into TeleportHQ?
Can I start using TeleportHQ for free?
How to create a prototype using TeleportHQ's AI?
What is the average time to learn how to use TeleportHQ?
What resources and support does TeleportHQ offer for users?


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