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Run B2B content marketing with an autonomous AI agent that drives revenue.
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Tely AI is an artificial intelligence-driven tool designed to effectively automate B2B content marketing. Tely AI's fundamental methodology involves understanding a product in-depth, building domain expertise, and conducting thorough SEO optimisation.

It gathers details from a broad array of resources including the product's website, API documentation, demo videos, and blogs along with external data sources like books, research papers, podcasts, authority websites, and others.

This comprehensive approach allows Tely AI to produce content that resonates with the target audience and addresses their problems in a knowledgeable and engaging manner.

The tool has an integrated functionality for SEO optimisation which includes keyword research, article performance tracking, and content rewriting for improved rankings and conversions.

Tely AI also creates and manages monthly content plans, relieving businesses of regular posting ordeals. This includes article generation, social media syndication, creating lead magnets such as e-books, and designing infographics or code snippets based on article context for personalized content creation.

Tely AI stands out by adding quotes from market experts to articles for credibility and adding contextual call-to-actions to convert readers into leads.

It aims to help businesses optimise their content marketing strategies while reducing their customer acquisition cost and dependence on paid channels.

Tely AI affords startups the opportunity to establish trust with potential customers through consistent and valuable content, thereby driving more sales and conversions without the need to expand their team.


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Pros and Cons


Automates B2B content marketing
Understands product in-depth
Builds domain expertise
Thorough SEO optimisation
Comprehensive data sourcing
Integrated SEO functionality
Article performance tracking
Content rewriting for SEO
Automated monthly content plans
Article generation
Social media syndication
Lead magnet creation
Creates infographics and snippets
Adds expert quotes to content
Contextual calls-to-action
Low customer acquisition cost
Independency from paid channels
Aligns with startup needs
Drives sales and conversions
No need to expand team
Personalised content creation
Resonates with target audience
Keyword research
First organic traffic within 2 weeks
Analyses your product
Gathers essential SEO data
Generates mind maps
Uses your API for snippets
64% less customer acquisition cost
30% higher conversion rate
Drives revenue growth
Combines vast external data sources
1-on-1 consultation availability
Offers free start
Regular content posting relief


Limited to B2B marketing
Over-reliance on external data
Lacks multi-language support
Missing real-time performance monitoring
No integration with marketing tools
No user customization for SEO
Limited social media syndication
Doesn't support dynamic content
Limited format for lead magnets
Content may lack authenticity


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Can Tely AI help startups establish trust with potential customers?
What is the role of Tely AI in driving sales and conversions?
What is the Tely AI's impact on content marketing strategies?
Does Tely AI help in creating infographics or code snippets based on article context?
How does Tely AI add contextual call-to-actions to articles?
Can Tely AI help businesses remain independent of paid channels?
How does Tely AI contribute towards article performance tracking and content rewriting?
Does Tely AI offer any personalised content creation services?
How does Tely AI assist in social media syndication?
What is the process of Tely AI in conducting thorough SEO optimisation?
How does Tely AI help in building domain expertise?

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