Streamlined content creation for podcasts and marketing.
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Texo is an AI tool designed to streamline the content creation process. It offers automation for creating SEO rich content, podcast show notes, articles, and social media posts, making it an ideal solution for marketers and podcasters looking to optimize their workflows.

With Texo, users can automate post-processing tasks that traditionally consume a significant amount of time.Once a podcast episode has been recorded, Texo allows users to easily upload the audio file.

In just a few minutes, Texo generates various pieces of publish-ready content, including headlines, show notes, key themes, questions, quotes, social media posts, and hashtags.

Additionally, Texo provides the option to interact with a customizable AI chatbot to extract any additional content required.Texo keeps users informed about the latest updates and features, ensuring they stay up-to-date with the tool's advancements.

The tool offers flexible pricing plans to cater to different needs. These plans include various benefits such as project organization, quick setup, additional AI question and answer interactions, and support through a knowledge base or email.Overall, Texo offers a comprehensive AI-driven content automation solution that simplifies the content creation process for podcasters and marketers alike.


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Texo was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 26th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Creates SEO rich content
Generates podcast show notes
Constructs social media posts
Ideal for marketers
Automates post-processing tasks
Quick content extraction
Generates headlines
Identifies key themes
Develops questions
Produces quotes
Automatically creates hashtags
Latest updates notification
Flexible pricing plans
Organized project management
Quick setup
Knowledge base support
Email support
Solution tailored for podcasters
Audio file upload
Minutes-long content generation
Increase productivity
Additional content extraction


Limited uploads per month
Support limited to Knowledge Base
No API mentioned
No mention of operating systems
No data export options mentioned
Lack of real-time collaboration feature
No free version for commercial use
Restricted to English language possibly
Unclear update frequency


What is Texo?
How does Texo assist in content creation for podcasts and marketing?
What tasks does Texo automate?
How quickly does Texo generate content?
What types of content can Texo generate from a podcast episode?
How does the AI Chatbot in Texo work?
What are the latest updates and features of Texo?
What are the pricing plans available for Texo?
What benefits do the different pricing plans of Texo include?
How does Texo ensure that the content created is SEO rich?
Can I interact with Texo's AI chatbot to extract additional content?
How does the podcast uploading process work in Texo?
How many post-processing tasks can Texo automate?
How does Texo extract key themes, questions, and quotes from podcasts?
Is there a free plan available in Texo?
Do all Texo plans include support through a knowledge base or email?
How many uploads per month are allowed in each Texo's plan?
Can Texo generate social media posts and hashtags from a podcast?
How does Texo assist in project organization?
Do I need any setup or are there any hidden fees in Texo's plans?


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