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Data analysis and visualization for actionable insights.
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Ana by TextQL is a virtual data analyst powered by AI. It offers users the ability to analyze, summarize, and visualize data efficiently and effectively.

Ana aims to simplify the data analysis process by eliminating the need for users to spend hours writing code. With Ana, users can uncover hidden insights and make data-driven decisions to maximize their business's potential.

Whether users require in-depth business insights, sales trend tracking, or marketing campaign fine-tuning, Ana claims to be able to assist them. To use Ana, users can upload their data files in the .CSV format with a few clicks.

Additionally, users can ask questions in plain English without requiring coding knowledge. Ana provides near-instant insights and visualizations, enabling users to quickly understand their data.Privacy is a key focus for Ana.

The tool emphasizes that user files and conversations are not sold, shared, or monetized. Furthermore, it ensures enterprise-grade security standards with advanced cryptographic protocols for data encryption both at rest and in transit.

Users also maintain control over their data, with the ability to permanently and irrevocably delete chats and files.Overall, Ana by TextQL aims to provide a privacy-first AI data analyst solution that simplifies data analysis, enables actionable insights, and safeguards user data.


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Pros and Cons


Chatting data analysis
Data visualization
No coding required
Quick insight generation
.CSV file compatibility
Natural language query
Sales trend tracking
Marketing campaign adjustment
Privacy-first approach
No data monetization
High level of security
Data deletion ability
Immediate data exploration
Business insight provision


Only supports .CSV files
No API mentioned
Lack of advanced options
Requires plain English questions
No multi-language support
No real-time collaboration feature
Limited to predefined insights
No standalone desktop app
Limited to sales and marketing
No version control


What is Ana by TextQL?
How does Ana by TextQL work?
What types of data can Ana handle?
How do I upload my data to Ana?
What formats does Ana accept for data upload?
Can Ana help me track sales trends?
Can Ana assist with refining marketing campaigns?
What knowledge do I need to operate Ana?
What kind of insights can I get from utilizing Ana?
Does Ana store my data files?
How does Ana protect my data?
What about my conversations and chats with Ana?
How is Ana different from other data analysts?
In what ways can I control my data in Ana?
Can I permanently delete my chats and files on Ana?
Does Ana share or sell my data?
What kind of encryption does Ana use for data security?
Can I ask questions in plain English to Ana?
How quickly does Ana provide insights?
Can Ana be used for in-depth business insights?

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